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Maná confirmed that Alejandro Sanz will be part of his next album of duets

The Mexican group Manna revealed this Monday that the Spanish singer and composer Alejandro Sanz will be part of his duet album, ‘Noches de Cantina’, which they will publish soon. In a press conference held prior to his return this Tuesday to the stage of the Viña del Mar International Festival, on the coast of Chile, the band’s leader, Fher Olvera, explained that the Madrid artist will perform the legendary song of the band ‘Living without air’.

“Naturally there is an album that is going to be released this year, called ‘Noches de Cantina’, which are duets, which the band has been releasing very slowly, little by little with Latin friends, who also like the songs.” of Maná and we make versions more like the Mexican one and it is nice to hear other colleagues singing Maná songs,” he explained.

“The last one who was recording, we can say it that way, is Alejandro Sanz, with us too, ‘Vivir sin Aire’. And there is a lot that you have already heard from Christian Nodal”, he added.

The group also announced that it will donate a portion of the proceeds from its concerts in Chile to the victims of the deadly fires that at the beginning of the month claimed the lives of 133 people and destroyed thousands of houses and hectares of forest in the Valparaíso region. , and particularly in Viña del Mar itself.

“We have always had so much empathy with Chile, for many years, and when we received the news of the fires, we felt very sad. We feel distressed. “We have immediately reacted to be able to donate a part of the profits”explained its vocalist, Fher.

The singer took the opportunity to bring out the most committed part of the band, denounce the climate crisis, and encourage everyone to defend the planet.

“It is as if the earth had a fever, one starts to get a fever when (the) body temperature rises and one begins to have various reactions. On the one hand, I’m optimistic that we’re going to get through this. And why are we going out? Because when the water reaches our noses, then we start kicking. “This wanting to get out is basically changing the way we are moving the world, to stop burning oil,” he claimed.

“The second thing is that we come with a new generation that is realizing it and that does not want to inherit that from us, that we were incapable of changing it. The truth is we have been incapable, we are in that sense, we are all losers because we have not done anything so that our future generations can take over a planet,” he pointed.

Musically, the Mexicans announced a very powerful concert, with all the decibels of rock, a show of more than two hours of raspy and melodic guitar, especially in their presentation in Santiago de Chile, since the Viña del Mar festival limits the concert time to 70 minutes.

“The important thing is that we are here, it is our fifth time, we love this festival. “We said that one day we have to be here, imagine, it is already the fifth time and we are very grateful to Chile,” he added.

In addition, they apologized for not having been able to perform last year, as planned, and insisted that it was due to Fher’s knee problems, and not to political issues – such as his claim for a piece of the sea for Bolivia – as some reported. media.

The band also referred to the other project they have in mind, their new studio album, which has been expected for more than nine years, and on which they say they are already working.

“The good thing is that a new studio album is coming… we are not in a hurry to do it because we still have a very big tour to do, but there is the desire to compose again, to enter the studio, there are many, many themes, too “Many things have happened in the world that we can put into words”said Alex González, drummer of Maná.

In this sense, they expressed their happiness for having managed to be a transgenerational band, which unites parents and children around their music, even live, and criticized that violence has entered the lyrics of some musicians since “if Yes, Latin America has many problems with violence, I believe that we should not put more fire on what is already lit, right?”

“I think there are many things that can be talked about, but continue talking about more violence and more violence. “I think we have to change it and turn it around and talk about more positive things, try to minimize violence, minimize crime, minimize poverty, putting on more music and sports programs,” he concluded.

With information from EFE

Source: Elcomercio

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