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Cineplanet removes “Iluminados” from the billboard due to incident with Universitario fans

The Cineplanet company reported that it will stop broadcasting the documentary “Enlightened”, which addresses the victory of the Universitario de Deportes club in the final of League 1 in 2023.

This decision was made after a group of people, who consider themselves fans of the football teamthey lit a flare inside the movie theater where the footage was projected, putting the lives of attendees and workers at risk.

It should be noted that the incident occurred at the Cineplanet in the Mall del Sur, in San Juan de Miraflores, where the alleged fans shouted harangues and lit a flare inside the projection room.

He was one of the cinema workers who was in charge of putting out the dangerous flares in the midst of the commotion caused by those people.

Thus, the Cineplanet network issued a statement ensuring that due to the riots that occurred at the San Juan de Miraflores headquarters, the cream team’s documentary would stop being shown.

Given that decision, José Duffoo, commercial and digital director of Cineplanet, added that he does not know if they will resume screenings of the football documentary.

“Yes, indeed, the screenings of the documentary are suspended. “We still do not know if its projection will be resumed in the future,” He explained to the newspaper La República.

In this way, the board of directors of the University club also spoke out regretting the events, describing the event as an irresponsible actor unrelated to the team.

“We announce that the decision was made to cancel, in Cineplanet theaters, the screening of “Iluminados” during its second week, as well as its premiere in the provinces”the Institution communicated.

Source: Elcomercio

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