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Cielo Torres presents her album “The Other Face”, produced by Master Chris

Singer Sky Towers He returned to Peru after passing through Colombia, a country where he presented his song “Canciones despechadas”, which has had a great echo internationally. Just in case, she presented her album “The Other Face”, produced by Máster Chris, known in the music industry as ‘El Científico’.

During her visit to the coffee-growing country, the singer visited various cities such as Cali, Medellín and Bogotá and appeared on several television programs, where she was well received thanks to her talent.

“Colombia is a wonderful country, cradle of great artists. It has been a more than satisfactory week because the media received the song Despechadas Songs very well. “There is the possibility of doing shows there, thanks to Master Chris, a great music producer who gives me the opportunity to look at the international market,” said the singer.

Along those same lines, Cielo Torres presented “La Otra Cara”, her first international album which can now be heard on digital platforms. With this new digital work, the artist explores a restart in her career with a view to her internationalization.

“They are regional songs, something that is highly requested in the international market today. Quite apart from Canciones Despechadas, you will be able to listen to songs like ‘Out of respect for her’, ‘That feels’, ‘Meanwhile’ and ‘Now I got good’. People have to choose like in a pharmacy. “I am a woman of challenges,” he assured.

On the other hand, Cielo Torres also thanked the great reception of his song “Canciones despechadas” at the local level, since it has entered programming on some local radio stations and hopes that it will continue to be considered by all media.

Source: Elcomercio

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