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Esteman in Lima: Announces surprises and new guests for his concert at the Gran Teatro Nacional

The Colombian singer Esteman returns to Lima to present his 2024 Tour, this time at the Gran Teatro Nacional next Saturday, April 13.

In this way, the interpreter of “Mr. Trance”, he promised that his musical show will be “memorable and suitable for all ages”, since it will have surprises, dance with various emotions.

“[…] A concert with an iconic staging, where unexpected things are going to happen, from seeing me flying on stage until those moments when I approach the audience and come out singing among them”he related.

In turn, the singer assured that he will perform romantic, nostalgic and danceable songs. He will also present the songs from his next album and those that marked various stages of his career.

Esteman also said that, apart from having the company of the Peruvian singer Adrian Bello, will bring different surprises. In this sense, the artist shared his excitement for the upcoming concert.

I am very excited to be with the Peruvian public again. because they always welcome me with open arms and they are one of my favorite audiences, I am very excited to return and give my all”Esteman confessed about this upcoming concert.

After having collaborated with Bello, the Colombian stated that he would like to make other duets with national artists and he did not rule out doing them in his presentation at the Great National Theater.

“In addition to admiring and having several Peruvian singer friends, I like Peruvian music from folklorebecause I feel that there are even influences in my music from Andean music”said the singer.

Peruvian fans of the popular Colombian singer will be able to enjoy his music this Saturday April 13th in it Great National Theater.

It emerged in the last few hours that the guests of Esteman’s concert in Lima will be Adrian Bello, Milena Warthon and Lorena Blume. Tickets for this performance are on sale through Joinnus.

After that he declared that he likes the duo Alejandro and María Laura, with whom he has already sung on other occasions. She also showed her admiration for Pamela Rodriguezwith whom he has also collaborated.

“For the night of the concert in Lima 13 I have two new guests, with whom I really want to be able to sing live and I can’t announce who they are yet because it’s a surprisebut that Colombian-Peruvian exchange will take place,” Indian.

Source: Elcomercio

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