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Chino and Nacho return: “We admitted our guilt, we allowed ourselves to be influenced and we allowed our egos to dominate us”

When Chinese and Nacho They performed at the “Lo Nuestro” awards in 2017, the friendship that kept them together for ten years composing hits was no longer the same. Both performed separately and avoided a meeting on stage. The bond that was born in their childhood and was consolidated in a musical project on the recommendation of Don Omar had been broken a few months before, when they formally announced their separation due to “artistic differences.”

“We have already forgiven the people who contributed to our separation. We also admitted our guilt, let ourselves be influenced, and allowed our egos to get the better of us. They gained a lot from our breakup, but so did we. Now we don’t let anyone interfere with our friendship“Nacho confessed in an interview with El Comercio. Let us remember that the singer, during his solo stage, still sang songs like “My pretty girl”, “Angelito” or “I am falling in love” at the request of the public, something that does not bother him. “As they say in my country: ‘The more dough, the more arepas you eat’”said.

And it was inevitable, since the Chino y Nacho phenomenon crossed borders, managing to release four studio albums. The first album, “Época de reyes” (2008), would have the formula for its success: a double album that offers romantic and urban music, creating the characteristic romantic swing present in all its songs. The second album, “Mi Niña Bonita” (2010), would put them on par with several international duos such as Jowell & Randy, Wisin & Yandel, RKM & Ken-Y, among others. The following albums, “Supremo” (2011) and “Radio Universo” (2015), would consolidate the group until their separation in 2017.

During the separation, Nacho recognizes that it was a mistake to separate himself from the reputation he built with his stage partner. Furthermore, he could not cancel a contract with a record label that prevented him from having musical independence, with agreements that limited him creatively. “Now I have a path of freedom. I just won the lawsuit that began 13 years ago against very aggressive agreements that tied me like very heavy chains. “Now I can do what I want”mentions the singer, who will publish his new song “I can’t stand it anymore” this Friday, April 19.

The return

For both singers, the solo path led them to explore new horizons. In Nacho’s case, signing a contract with Universal Music, producing his first single, “Báilame,” and winning a Latin Grammy for Marc Anthony’s album “Babies.” For his part, Chyno [cuando anda de solista, su nombre se escribe con “Y”] He decided to venture onto the big screen with the film “El malquerido”, where he played the bolero singer Felipe Pirela and for which he was nominated for a Latin Grammy for the soundtrack. That same year he would release the song “Stay with me” with Wisin, a song that would compete on Venezuelan radio with the musical success of his former colleague Nacho.

After 7 years of separation and controversy, the duo meets again because now, according to Nacho, they see more similarities than differences, which finally led to a new opportunity for the duo who will release their new album in the middle of this year. which will have the same essence of classic songs from the early 2000s.

“We are no longer systematic. There is no longer tension in the studio, nor fights over who is going to play what. Now we look at each other and understand who is the right one for each part of each song, without saying that this is more of Chyno or Nacho, but thinking if it sounds like Chino and Nacho”mentions the singer.

Manager would have confirmed musical breakup of Chino and Nacho

At the end of the year, the group will tour until 2025, with Peru being one of the unmissable points during these new concerts. “Peru is very important for us because it was the first country that opened its doors to us, the first country that welcomed us warmly and that bet on us when we were starting out. Without a doubt, it is a key point of our success,” Nacho emphasizes.

Although last year they began small presentations together, the differences that separated them were resolved before Chyno Miranda’s health condition worsened due to the consequences of covid during the pandemic, which prolonged the return of music’s most dear friends. urban of Venezuela. “I felt like I was spiritually dead during this period, it depended on the musical successes and what the public thought. Fortunately, now I feel more alive than ever with this new opportunity to be reborn with my soul brother.”he concludes.

About the concert

Lima Music Festival

Day: May 25

Time: 5:00 pm

Location: National Stadium

Line Up: Sebastian Yatra, Greeicy, Mike Bahia, Piso 21, Nacho and Beele

Tickets in Joinnus

Source: Elcomercio

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