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Gino Assereto continues his musical career and launches his new song “Bendecido” | VIDEO

Gino Assereto continues with his path in music and recently released his new song “Blessed”, which is a sensation on digital platforms. This is his third song of the year and it has a rap style, in which he talks about everything he wanted to achieve since he was little and he was fulfilling little by little.

“I am a very dreamer that I put action to fulfill my dreams. Since I was little I dreamed of writing my own songs, singing, having people listen to me, taking pictures with them or signing autographs, all of this happened with the help of God ”, the singer said.

He revealed that even though there were people who put stones on the road, he always got ahead because of the push he put into his activities.

“That didn’t put me down at all because I was always a dreamer, like I was at a concert singing with all the people, so I have been able to overcome many things. Dreams do come true, but if you put action on it. In my experience I give that impulse to my followers “, commented.

This is how Assereto recommended to his followers that they fight for their dreams and that no one stop them, as he says in his single “Blessed”. To close the year, the former reality boy assured that he will release another song in a duo with his brother Jota Benz.

A ‘global’ EEG franchise

On the other hand, Gino Assereto pointed out that last Friday He was very moved by the trophy won by the Peruvian cast of “Esto es guerra” by being categorically imposed on “Guerreros Puerto Rico.”

“They had me with my heart in my hand, but happy. During the week I visited them and the adrenaline was intense. He told Peter Fajardo that he wanted to compete in a test, but he couldn’t “, he indicated.

“The boys took the thorn out of what happened in Mexico when they couldn’t win. ‘This is War’ is a ‘dream team’ and whoever comes, nobody beats them if they catch it well prepared “, said.

In that sense, the ex-warrior suggested that It should carry out a world competition with the different countries that have the America TV reality franchise.

“People like these international competitions and that is reflected in the rating. I think a World Cup should be held with Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, and the cup stays in our country ”, recommended.

In case of this competition, the ‘Jaws’ said that he would love to return, since he is a lifelong athlete. “I can’t wait to be there, if you need me I’ll always be there”, he said.


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