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Peru Design Biennial: opens the largest exhibition of the design sector held on the continent

The Peru Design Biennial, organized by the Peruvian Design Association, reaches its 2021 edition with many activities, including exhibitions, recognitions, fashion shows, launches and forums, which will be held online and in person at the Museum from Santo Domingo, in Lima.

The call was received by more than 65,980 applicants, with Brayan Pinto and Adriana Quesada (Peru) in editorial design, Koji Matsumoto (Japan) in identity design, Nevin Ynga (Peru) in packaging design, Ana Prodanovic (Serbia). ) in typography design, Nong Zao (China) in product design, Jing Zhou (USA) in UX design, Social Design Collaborative (India) in social design, Wang-Jia-Min (Taiwan) in social poster, Nur Gül ( Turkey) on typographic poster, Martin French (USA) on artistic poster, Mohammad Afshar (Iran) on cultural and advertising poster, Chia Hsiang Lee (Taiwan) on environmental poster, Paul Yanque (Peru) on illustration. Likewise, industrial designers, interior designers, ethnic fashion and haute couture designers participate in the exhibition, among them Cleofe Mendoza (Peru).

“Peru Design Biennial has the purpose of promoting the design industry and its authors who mark relevance in the world and in its various fields of action. It also opens a door to the confluence of cultures through art, energizing the creative economy. Countries should focus on developing policies to become destination countries as a creative and cultural industry ”, mentions Fidel Cárdenas, president of the Peru Design Biennial. “The integrating spirit of this Biennial involves companies, communities, associations and institutions aware that design as a discipline is capable of promoting the creative economy,” adds Cárdenas.

The international jury panel in this edition was made up of: Jan Rajlich Jr. (Czech Republic), Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland), Kye-Soo Myun (Korea), Finn Nygaard (Denmark), Walter Sardonini (Italy), Marat Guelman (Russia), Elizabeth Resnick (USA), Lasko Dzurovski (Macedonia), Ovidiu Hrin (Romania) and Cao Fang (China).

The Peru Design Biennial exhibition will be open to the public from December 4 to 15 at the Santo Domingo Museum (Jirón Camaná 170, Cercado de Lima) and is free to enter, after registering here opening-peru-design-biennial / and subsequent confirmation.



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