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“NIYSIY”: the eyes are the window of the soul in this photographic exhibition by Jero Gonzales

The power of the gaze is present in the exhibition by the Cusco photographer Jero Gonzales entitled “NIYSIY”, a word that in Quechua means “the one who helps to manifest” and which highlights the greater importance of the eyes in these times of masks and the pandemic of the COVID-19.

It is a sample that consists of 59 portraits taken between August and September of this year using machines and photographic techniques of yesteryear, which give the images a distinctive appearance not often seen in modern works.

It has been several centuries that ‘human emotions’ are represented, based on facial expressions. Our visual culture has taught us to initially look at the mouth to see how a person is feeling”Says Jero Gonzales.

But the context of the pandemic has meant a paradigm shift: “Being with masks, we no longer look at the mouth, now we look into the eyes. The ‘expressiveness of the eyes’ has returned, eye contact is much more evident to communicate and convey our emotions.”

“NIYSIY” will be available between November 20 and December 11 at the La Rica Chicha Cultural Center, located at Arequipa street 159 one block from the plaza in the imperial city of Cusco. Admission is free.

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