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Salvador Dalí to the rescue: The exhibition of the Spanish artist who seeks to reactivate art in Peru

Few artists marked and energized contemporary art like the Spanish Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), the eccentric painter, sculptor and writer who became one of the leading representatives of surrealism. At a time when artistic activity in Peru is still being hit by the scourges of the pandemic of the COVID-19, a sample of the works of the Catalan virtuoso seeks to reactivate the cultural activity of our country.

It is about the exhibition “From Goya to Dalí: from caprice to nonsense” consisting of in 40 original prints that are being presented at the Center for the Arts of the Catholic University of San Pablo (UCSP) in the city of Arequipa.

The paintings that are part of this exhibition are exhibited for the first time in Arequipa and in them Dalí recreates in a surreal way the inspiration of Francisco de Goya filling it with color and with the genius that characterizes him. Goya’s whims are transformed into Dalí’s nonsense, where the absurd and the irrational leave no room for the conscious mind to interpret”Said Fiorella Quintanilla, director of the UCSP Center for the Arts.

The exhibition “From Goya to Dalí: from whim to nonsense” will be available until January 11, 2022. Admission is free with prior registration. (Photo: Broadcast)

The exhibition was inaugurated on November 19 and will be available until January 19, 2022 completely free of charge at the Arts Center of the San Pablo University, located on Calle Palacio Viejo 414, in the historic center of the City. White.

Those interested must first register on the website

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