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2021 Luces Awards: The nominees for Best Young Chef show us their best recipes | VIDEO


The favorite recipe of Chef de Job It has corvina (or any catch of the day) that will be cooked in the oven, with Chinese onion, coriander sprig, lemon slices and a pinch of salt, all well wrapped in banana leaves. It tells us that we can also use a covered pan. Separately, over low heat, prepare the sauce, with a splash of oil on which to pour coriander and cumin seeds, Chinese shrimp, sliced ​​luisa stems, ginger, garlic, onion and chili, letting everything brown a little . Add coconut milk, lime, lemon verbena bundle and let it cook. Strain the sauce and reserve. Present on a plate by placing the cooked fish, the sauce, a little coarse salt and a few drops of lemon.

MAYRA FLORES –Shizen Barra Nikkei

The chef de Shizen Barra Nikkei He recommends three must-sees from his menu: the chirashi, the nigiris and the udons. Precisely, the recipe he prepares is the latter, for which he seals pieces of meat in a pan, and then adds vegetables (holantao and Chinese beans) and reserves. Again, in the pan, place a good stream of meat stock, batayaki butter that is spiced and add the udon, a little coriander and sambal sauce, which is a Peruvian chili confit. Let it cook, and after a few minutes add the meat with vegetables and that’s it!

JASON ROMAN – Awicha Restaurant

The Awicha’s chef celebrates a special input: the duck. In memory of his childhood, he makes duck cebiche, his version of tiradito, and of course, his candied duck leg, which he presents in this video. Over medium heat, Jason sautés a little minced garlic in butter, adds pre-smoked potatoes in chunks with skin, adds fresh pepper, a little broth and parsley. Plate on a green emulsion of Peruvian products, place the potatoes and a confit duck leg that looks super tempting.


The freshness and quality of the ingredients is revealed in the recipe shown by the pair of Tom’s chefs. They prepare the Tobiche Moriawase, following the Japanese custom of offering diners what the sea offers every day: fortune, shells, octopus, mackerel, barnacles, sprinkled with a little salt, a chalaquita of red onion, limo chili and coriander. , a little cushuro, and at the end they add leche de tigre with yellow pepper, a little lemon and that’s it. To enjoy.

PIA LEÓN – Kjolle Restaurant

In this recipe the Chief of Kjolle choose scallops, tumbo and cucumber melon, all seasonal ingredients. She uses four shells, which she cuts into four parts; add a little salt to them and then bathe them with tumbo tiger milk. For the presentation, choose a previously chilled plate (to maintain the freshness of the preparation) and cover with slices of previously cut melon cucumber. Finish by decorating with some flowers from the restaurant’s garden. See how easy it is and try making it at home.

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