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“20 Minutes” and UFC-Que Choisir answer your questions about hidden additives

Real estate, transport, food, clothing, travel, taxes… Being a consumer is a job in its own right and on a daily basis. But it’s not always easy to find your way through the jungle of regulations or alleged bargains. Do not panic ! 20 minutes and its partner UFC-Que Choisir are there to help you, by answering your questions in the Brief Conso. This week we’re talking about additives, especially those that aren’t on food labels. Molecules hidden by manufacturers, which UFC-Que Choisir has deciphered so that you can see more clearly.

Indeed, there are additives that consumers have learned to be wary of, such as nitrites in deli meats or titanium dioxide in toothpaste, but there are also those that slip through the cracks. What are they ? What are their effects on health? How to avoid them? Elsa Abdoun, journalist at Que Choisir, answers questions from readers of 20 minutes.

Source: 20minutes

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