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More than half of children have increased their screen consumption since the health crisis

According to a study by Ipsos for the Observatory of Parenthood and Digital Education and the National Union of Family Associations, 44% of parents and 53% of children have increased their screen consumption since the start of the crisis. sanitary.

Since 2019, children have notably increased their consumption on almost all screens: 6% in front of the computer, 8% in front of the television, 11% in front of a smartphone and 23% in front of a tablet. The most used screen remains the television. Only consumption in front of video games has fallen by 6% since 2019.

Parents underestimate their children’s consumption

According to the study, parents also tend to underestimate the time spent by their children in front of their screens by 23%, over an average week. Children aged between 7 and 10 years even spend almost three times more time on this tool than their parents imagine (37 minutes against 1 hour 26 minutes in reality).

According to parents, 9% of 7-10 year olds go on social networks, while children say 28% do. Finally, according to parents, 43% of children aged 0 to 2 use the Internet.

Source: 20minutes

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