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INSEE predicts more than 90 years of life expectancy in the 2022 generation

A new study promises a long life for French newborns. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee), girls born in 2022 would live on average 93 years and boys 90 years.

Women and men aged 65 in 2022 would live on average a little shorter: up to 89 and 86 years respectively. The uncertainty about the mean age at death is low for the elderly but increases for the youngest. According to the assumptions, girls born in 2022 would live on average from 88 to 99 years and boys from 86 to 96 years.

Lifespan increases with generations

Lifespan increases from generation to generation: women born in 1900 only lived an average of 56 years and men 48 years. The generations born from 1941 to 1955 stand out, however: their life expectancy at age 65 would stagnate.

The probability of reaching a given age has greatly increased. Only 81% of women and 69% of men born in 1940 reached the age of 65, but this should be the case for 91% of women and 84% of men born in 1970 and almost all newborns. born in 2022. Finally, 6% of women and 2% of men born in 1940 could become centenarians.

Source: 20minutes

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