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MP suffering from uterine cancer urges women “not to neglect gynecological supervision”

MP suffering from uterine cancer urges women “not to neglect gynecological supervision”

MP suffering from uterine cancer urges women “not to neglect gynecological supervision”

“Today I was struck by uterine cancer, and therefore I will fight this disease. I will continue to fulfill my role, but for a period of time I will have no choice but to be less present. » Nathalie Da Conceição Carvalho, 57, did not want to write this message on social networks. But the MP (RN) for the 2nd constituency of Esson decided to publish it in November to “encourage women not to neglect their health.”

“I didn’t really have the opportunity to announce it publicly, even if I discovered it hadn’t been done. Many women also suffer from this type of cancer and do not show it off, she emphasizes. But a friend convinced me by explaining that people don’t understand why they see less of me. If the parliamentarian demonstrates determination to “fight this damned creature,” she clarifies: “However, I am not going to stop everything. Although I was very tired, having undergone two operations under general anesthesia and two surgeries in just a few weeks. The doctor following me told me that morale is very important. Knowing my political activities, he advised me to slow down, but not stop everything. »

Essonne faces ‘gynecological desertification’

The deputy chose to remain in place. She just moved and now lives in Mesa, in her congressional district. To avoid a trip to Paris, she left the National Assembly. “The first person I warned was Marine Le Pen (President of the RN Group at the Palais Bourbon), admits Natalie da Conceicao Carvalho. You take care of yourself and return to us in great shape., that’s what she told me. »

During the 2022 presidential election campaign, candidate Marine Le Pen condemned “gynecological desertification” during a public debate. Even if her program does not contain any concrete proposals to resolve this situation facing the parliamentarian from Essonne.

“More than four years ago, my gynecologist left to practice in the provinces and I couldn’t find a replacement,” she says from her post in Etampes. During menopause, and under the watchful eye of mammographers because several members of my maternal family had developed breast cancer, I neglected my gynecological care. »

But lately she felt tired, her stomach hurt, her hair changed and her nails stopped growing. “Then my parliamentary attache gave me the contacts of her gynecologist in Paris, who saw me very soon. » Ultrasound and computed tomography detect fibroids, which doctors prefer to operate on.

Her message to women: “Don’t neglect yourself”

“During the operation, my obstetrician performed a biopsy after finding a dark area,” continues Nathalie da Conceicao Carvalho. But I wasn’t that worried. “Until November 6, when the gynecologist called her back and asked her to come “as soon as possible” to his office.

“We were on vacation in Portugal then, I immediately understood,” admits the deputy. This is uterine cancer. I am cared for at the Institut Curie in Paris, where all the staff are dedicated to their work. On November 28, I had surgery for a tumor measuring at least 20 mm. We are waiting for the results to see if I should start brachytherapy. In any case, I have another operation, at least until January. »

In the midst of an argument, she tries to send a message to women: “Don’t make the same mistake I did, don’t neglect yourself. We should always listen to ourselves, our body speaks to us. ” She also experienced two-speed medicine firsthand: “I was able to pay for consultations that were not agreed upon, such as the €1,800 treatment at the clinic at the start. And I was lucky enough to have quick access to doctors. But this is not the case for everyone, and it is not normal. » A topic she can work on when she returns to the Assembly.

Senator Laura Darkos promised to conduct a review

In Essonne, another parliamentarian is very active in raising awareness of cancer screening: Senator (PL, member of the independent group) Laura Darkos, 53 years old. At age 30, six months after giving birth to her son, she was diagnosed with very advanced breast cancer. She underwent eight months of chemotherapy and five months of radiation therapy.

“Since that first cancer case, I’ve been thinking about the issue of screening,” says Laura Darkos, who has not yet been elected. I created Pink October in my local department, Dordogne. In the very early 2000s, this was not nearly as common as it is now. When I asked mayors to light up public buildings pink, I encountered distrustful and even mocking elected officials. »

In 2016, when she was elected to the Essonne department council for less than a year, “the sky fell on her head again”: she was struck by a second breast cancer. “It was thanks to the sequel that it was done at the right time,” insists Laura Darkos. I just had surgery. Today I mourned my recovery, I view cancer as a kind of chronic disease. »

“I testify of many things, as I did this year, to employees of all categories of Semardel (mixed economy company that collects and recycles household waste in Essonne), concludes Laura Darkos. As a politician and therefore a public figure, we play the role of a witness. It is important and courageous to be a voice. No one dares to talk about this publicly in order to gain sympathy. »

Source: Le Parisien

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