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Cystic fibrosis treatment: children of hope

Caroline points to the entrance to the corridor. Here you need to take off your shoes. “Do you have masks? — the 35-year-old mother checks in an almost apologetic tone. “This is one of the little details needed to enter our house…” On the ground floor of his Parisian apartment in the 19th arrondissement, the parquet floor vacuums beautifully. Little socks trample him at full speed. Otto, her two-year-old son, looking mischievous under his chestnut locks, thunders in and hands us a fire truck.

His good nature ignores the rules of adults, hygiene, distance, this bubble of health, to protect his lungs and stomach, weakened by cystic fibrosis. Although the rare and incurable genetic disease causes few symptoms at this age, Otto has already had four intestinal blockages, which are caused by abnormally thick mucus that clogs the body’s mechanisms, blocking his digestive tract and lungs in the long term.

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Source: Le Parisien

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