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Chinese New Year: dim sum, wontons and other snacks to receive the year of the tiger with a good appetite

Today is celebrated the Chinese New Year, an important celebration that brings together millions of people around the world. And, like any good tradition, food cannot be missing. One of the customs includes enjoying an abundant table and, definitely, the dim sum cannot be missing. Whether to be part of this important tradition or to fulfill a craving in the comfort of your home, this note of Advantage presents three ventures that were born or were renewed during the pandemic and that focus on the preparation of these snacks.

Is about yam cha, Wantnamera Y Dim Sum Fanthree brands that offer a wide variety of dim sum and some interesting and fresh versions. Here you will find everything from the perfect frozen siu mai to prepare at home to the wantan crispier fried and with generous filling. Plus, we’ll tell you all about the brand, recommend which dish you should try, and the facts you’ll need to enjoy them.

yam cha

yam cha It was born in a pandemic, but it has a longer history, since it is linked to the family of Rosana, one of the partners, who used to prepare a large quantity of dim sum and freeze it. When she meets Renzo, her partner and her partner, they start preparing these snacks but only for the family. With the arrival of the pandemic, many friends asked them to offer their products and thus they created this brand. “The idea was to bring home the tradition of going to Chinese tea to eat snacks,” explains Rosana. Her proposal focuses on frozen dim sum which is easy to prepare.

The letter includes yes may pork with tonku (Chinese mushroom), siu kao pork or meat and wantan in chilli oil. They also offer the delicious and powerful chili oil in a larger presentation, White Rabbit candies -the kind that they gave away in the chifas at the end of the meal- and herbal tea.

Recommendation: Without a doubt, the favorite is yes may steamed. Not only for its quick and easy preparation but for the bite itself. The proportion of dough and filling is perfect, being the second most abundant and prepared with great flavor.

Fact: Yam Cha attends home orders from Monday to Sunday through WhatsApp 948 842 272 or from its website, where you can also learn how each type of dim sum is prepared. Visit his Instagram profile or his Facebook account.

(Photo: Alejandra Collarte / Yam Cha)


The mind behind this brand is Javier Wong, who for years has been making “wantanadas” -homemade wonton feasts- to celebrate his birthday with family and friends. So it started with the idea of Wantnamera, which was renovated during the pandemic and presented the public with an interesting proposal. At first, it only sold frozen chicken-stuffed wontons, but over time it expanded its menu and currently has a line of frozen products and another of ready-made dishes. “Our essence is Chinese food from families that have become “Peruvian”, just like mine,” explains Wong.

Among its dim sum options we can find spring rollssiu mai, wantan, and yes cao both boiled and fried. A creation that should be highlighted are the siu mai anticucheros which are served with a version of the typical mixture used in anticuchos and a generous portion of coleslaw with oriental dressing. They also have sandwiches, roast meats, chaufa rice dishes and a sauce section such as hoisin with rocoto or chili oil.

Recommendation: The yes cao offered here is not only fresh and delicious, but also served in an interesting format. Its about stalked, which consists of siu cao -a kind of boiled dumpling- that is accompanied with an oriental tiger milk, Chinese onion, coriander and chili pepper. The mixture is explosive thanks to the combination of ingredients and the texture is perfect.

Fact: Wantanamera attends orders from Wednesday to Monday from noon to 8 pm through the number 914364700. They also have a website where orders can be placed and learn more about their menu and offers. If you want to know more about them, visit their Instagram profile @wantanameraperu.

(Photo: Wantamera)

Dim Sum Fan

After the start of the pandemic, this brand took the time to rethink and create a new menu by chef Eduardo Fujihara. This is how Dim Sum Fan was born, which seeks to celebrate the tradition of oriental cuisine through dim sum and the different dishes they offer.

His menu consists of snacks such as yes mai and its special version -with prawns, pork and shitake mushrooms-, wontons, spring rolls, and gyoza. An interesting combination is the kaipi stalked, which consists of ground chicken legs with peanuts and Chinese spices served with acevichada sauce. They also offer classics such as chaufa rice, chihaukay chicken, salted noodles and roast pork.

Recommendation: The fried wantan it is a classic that this brand managed to master. Crispy without being greasy and with a generous filling of pork tenderloin. Of course, the touch of sweetness with tamarind sauce is inevitable. In addition, they have a version of this steamed snack that is also worth trying.

Fact: Dim Sum Fan attends orders via WhatsApp at 922504424 and through Rappi. To see their full menu, promotions and general information, you can visit their Instagram page, their Facebook page or their website.

(Photo: Dim Sum Fan)

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