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Cravings to start the week: this is the new Zimmermann sausage shop

Since 1968 the sausages Zimmermann combine tradition with high German technology to offer a range of premium products derived from pork. Hams, loins, sausages, sausages, chops, ribs and more options are now in avenue the sea from Miraflores, not only as products to take away and prepare at home, but as part of the varied and forceful menu of its restaurant that changes every day.

You could spend the whole day at Zimmermann, from breakfast to dinner, trying each of its classic dishes recognized and recommended by its customers, such as the Zimmermann salchipapa with three types of sausage, chorizo, double fried egg and potatoes with fine herbs. , ideal for sharing and leaving room for another option.

Other main dishes are grilled and peppered pork tenderloin, BBQ chops, a sweet chaufa with sliced ​​sausage and teriyaki sauce. Or any of the three types of poke zimm bowl like the cobb, a smoked and quinoa version, with mango, avocado, pork tenderloin, teriyaki, sesame and crispy wantan strips.

They also offer several entree options that can be shared like the pikatodo: a tasting board of serrano ham, smoked loin, salami, sausage, pâté or something lighter like the cream or cake of the day. If you choose the pate with toast you will not regret it because it is a delicious company.

  BBQ ribs with crispy fine herbs fries.

Many sandwich options give you more variety on the menu. The classic Zimmerman bondiola sandwich, or the vegetarian and the New Yorker with roast beef are three alternatives. They also have the Chabela with caprese chorizo, a classic sausage, the 1721 with smoked tenderloin, Del Carmen with pork rinds and many more possibilities of sandwiches with other cuts and high-quality meats. They come with their chili, chimichurri and house sauces.

Zimmermann Delishop offers all pork derivatives as well as beef burgers.  In the picture a burger with fries.

If there is still room for dessert, be sure to try their chocolate cake with a very pleasant texture and consistency, as well as a flavor that will keep you coming back for more. In addition, they also offer carrot cake, pecan cake, alfacookies, and more.

About the new location, we spoke with Jeremie Brena, administrative manager of Zimmermann. “We have opened a new point of sale (delishop) that is a business mix: half winery, half restaurant. Of the same products that we sell to the public, we have a fairly extensive menu of different types of dishes, some that are flag and are the hooks with which customers identify us, such as the Zimmermann sandwich and the Zimmermann sausage”.

Honeyed bye.

With this new launch, we want to refresh the Zimmermann brand, known for its tradition, antiquity and the trust of its clients with closed eyes, an image that it achieved over time and by word of mouth. Now, he is promoting his social networks with the aim of having a greater reach, as seen on his Instagram page with the details of the dishes and to publicize the points in favor of the brand: “They are premium products, we have national supplies and outside, some are suitable for celiacs, without flour, the amount of protein we have is not found in other brands, the rotation is super fast because no dyes or preservatives are used”, says Brena.

Now that you know their menu, what are you waiting for to visit them?

Visit them at Av. Mariscal La Mar 1328, Miraflores, next to La Mar-iposario.

More data:

  • Hours: open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Delivery: rappi
  • Stores: Av. Vasco Núñez de Balboa 326, Miraflores; 115 Montegrande Street, Chacarilla, Surco; Av. La Encalada 975, Groove; and, Av. Mariscal La Mar 1328, Miraflores.
  • Get to know his entire letter on his Instagram page:

Source: Elcomercio

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