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Easter: escape to Chincha and enjoy the delights of the Fundo Hass orchard

if you’re in Chincha or you want to give yourself a fleeting escape to the south, an option that you should consider is the Fundo Hass. Three hours from Lima, at km 203 of Antigua Pan American Southis this rural space with beautiful sunsets where you can have lunch dishes prepared with inputs from their own garden and its surroundings.

Arriving in the afternoon, you enter a roofed space surrounded by vegetation with an orange sky about to burst until nightfall. Opposite the farm’s swimming pool is the Hass restaurant and, very close, the orchard from which most of the products that feed its menu come from. Noelia Cárdenas is the chef of the restaurant, she worked in restaurants like Fiesta, Central and Kjolle, and now she is in charge of flavoring Hass’s kitchen. Noelia was born in Ica and lived for a long time in Chincha, where she currently resides. Here she met and learned about her flavors, aromas and her secrets, the same ones that are an essential source for her proposal.

Noelia Cárdenas, chef at Hass Restaurant.

This restaurant has an interesting bet: to combine the rural space and the Chincha sky with the concept of regional cuisine using only local seasonal products, many of them grown by themselves in their orchards with the advice of biologists and agricultural specialists from the farm. Thus, the dishes prepared by Noelia and her team will have a very local flavor aligned with a sustainable diet and with a menu that aspires to become 100% vegetarian.

The Hass avocado gives its name to this farm because its lands produce abundant avocados of this variety.

“We are trying to use all the ingredients that we find in Chincha, such as the bean, which is very typical of Ica, and the bean that we find in Chincha,” Cárdenas details about the ingredients and the dishes created based on them. “The fish is found in Pisco and Paracas. One of our entrees is a sea bass ceviche that we bring from the San Andrés dock, and a 100% vegan vegetable ceviche with cucumber and cherry tomato from our garden. In addition, we have the fruity tiradito made with roasted watermelon and pineapple prepared with a yellow chili sauce. The grilled marine avocado based on toasted prawns with butter, accompanied by a focaccia, is the Hass avocado that gives the restaurant its name and that we get from the farm”.

100% vegan fruit tiradito and grilled avocado harvested in the Fundo Hass orchard.

For her part, María Pía Uriarte, gastronomic consultant and creator of the Hass restaurant concept together with her husband, partners and Noelia Cárdenas, tells us: “We want to convey that Chincha is not only carapulcra or dry soup, in the region we have, for example , the largest exporters of asparagus, as well as many other products and diversity valued abroad”. So, “why not bet on a menu with all this richness if Chincha has all this quality of products, tradition and sustainability?”, they asked themselves and thus a new high-level gastronomic adventure was born.

“We have a garden near the restaurant with seasonal products that are aligned with the times of mother earth. We found carrots, aromatic herbs, vegetables and much more”, explains María Pía. The lettuces they use are hydroponic and they buy them from a neighbor in the area, as well as goat milk for their desserts such as goat cheesecake, because in this area there are no cows and, therefore, no beef. In addition to fish they offer duck and pork that they do find in the area. Vegetables such as the Italian squash, lima beans, pods and aubergines are born from his garden. They also have pure Hass spices such as fennel or coriander seeds that they grind to flavor the dishes.

The restaurant overlooks the pool, here you can spend a pleasant afternoon a few hours from Lima.

As for desserts, Noelia Cárdenas comments that they have created “a Hass avocado ice cream that is accompanied by a sweet potato crunch, cocoa crunch and a green powder that we make from watermelon rind. In addition, the carob brûlée is a crème brûlée made from carob with panela ice cream and a carob caramel crunch. One of our latest dishes that we have created is the orchard berry popsicles. We have raspberries, blueberries and lemon verbena, so we wanted to make a popsicle with these fruits accompanied by a moist sponge cake flavored with lemon verbena. On top we have some crunchy meringue with flower powder taken from our garden”, continues Noelia and the list goes on.

If you want to try something different, regional and enjoy a pleasant space, do not hesitate to visit the Hass restaurant. In addition, you can visit the orchard and be surprised by all the nature you can find.

  • Just as the dishes have supplies from the garden, so do their cocktails and desserts.
  • Reservations at 981362460
  • Location: Km 203 Antigua Panamericana Sur, Chincha Baja
  • If you’re not driving, ask for the house beer
  • Learn more about the farm and the restaurant on their Instagram account:

Source: Elcomercio

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