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New creole and northern dishes are reinvented with the flavor of home in Saladero

Locating ourselves by the sea is a wonder taken advantage of by the gastronomy local. so does salting room, the restaurant located on the second floor of the AC Hotel, on the Malecón de la Reserva, which opens a new menu. And not only fish and shellfish, the regional flavor is part of their dishes, Creole and homemade, and with a present Spanish influence.

magic does it Victor Alvarez, Executive Chef of the AC Hotel, who told us all about the new Saladero menu. “We want guests and clients to also get to know Peruvian products in my style, innovating a bit, mixing them with seafood, meat, giving it a special touch with farm-raised salmon, tuna and scallops.” In addition, the meat and fish have a delicious smoked touch because they go through the Josper charcoal-based oven.

The chef assures us that in salting room You will find quality products and service. “It is a hotel that provides a 5-star service. We care about the crockery, cutlery and all the details that we have to have so that each dish comes out on the table, we put a lot of dedication into each product and each element that we put on the plate. We stand out for the interaction of the cooks with the clients, it is an open kitchen”. And so we prove it, the possibility of watching while the experts cook the order is an experience that helps to awaken the senses more and creates familiarity with the dish.

Saladero has an open kitchen.

What are the options?

Victor Alvarez He explains the process of preparing the grilled salmon, one of the main dishes, with a bean puree so soft that it looks like a cloud. It is a salmon sealed on the grill by the skin so that it does not come out parboiled, but rather crispy and it is finished in the Josper oven. On top it has a stew of bell peppers with Spanish olive oil and paprika from La Vera. “We have mixed the Spanish trend with a creamy puree of lima beans, crispy garlic and coriander sprouts. It’s an interesting mix of flavors. The salmon is marinated with panca chili from us; but slightly. I have created my own style of this homemade food (such as the lima beans) with the union of those flavors that are a ‘boom’ in the mouth”, says the chef.

Grilled salmon and shellfish tiradito with rocoto sauce.

Another dish that people really like is the beef cheek. After a long cooking time of 38 hours, they come out with a sauce of their own juice and a little wine. They are served with ravioli filled with corn cake with cheese and anise, in a gourmet presentation. The ravioli have a candied yellow chili sauce to give it a touch of chili because “Peruvians always eat chili. It is a representation of a corn cake in another version more on the plate”, details Víctor.

Beef cheek with ravioli stuffed with an interpretation of corn cake with Cajamarca cheese.

The secrets and the language of flavors

For the pork belly, Víctor uses his own technique: “I put a good layer of salt on top, I wet it with a little water and turn it into mud, I put it on top of the belly and leave it overnight. Once all the skin is dehydrated, I bake it. The skin stays crispy and is fabulous with this technique. The portion is more or less than 200 grams, we cut it, it goes in the oven and we serve with a little coleslaw and vinaigrette to give it a fresh touch”.

Among the most delicious desserts is the lucuma and red fruit cheesecake, one of the favorite fruits of tourists for its texture. As it is pasty, in Saladero they mix it with cheesecake and it gives it a perfect company. Highly recommended. Another dessert specialty is the Josper pineapple: “I buy it medium, I make a hole in the center, I cut it into slices and I cook it wrapped in platinum paper, it comes out soft. Then I put it in a frying pan, bathe it in a sauce of figs and red wine until it reduces and becomes honey. In the center I put a crunchy vanilla cookie and a scoop of ice cream of the flavor that the customer likes. It’s phenomenal.” The ice creams are handmade and you can choose between flavors such as lucuma, chocolate, red fruits, vanilla, mango or whatever is in season. Ice cream can also be ordered for dessert.

Lucuma and red fruit cheesecake.

Impossible not to try their appetizer ceviches such as the classic in a deep dish and served with a spoon, with the exact itching to enjoy its freshness day or night. The glazed sweet potatoes are a delight that accompanies their cusqueño corn and crispy canchita. You also have a choice of carretillero ceviche as an appetizer, or tiradito de conchas al rocoto, delicious causitas with plenty of crab meat, corn cake or the traditional Creole beef soup with a Peruvian chili dressing.

Tiradito of shells with rocoto.

And main dishes such as a strong grilled northern rice with the grilled catch of the day prepared with a Creole loche dressing, coriander mayo, zarandajas all over the rice and roasted bell peppers. In addition, there is the oriental chaufa with squid and crispy fish omelette, the macaroni pasta and the Josper rump tail.

Oriental chaufa rice.

“If the client asks me for the bacon with spinach puree or some cheeks not with ravioli, but with sticky rice, we do it,” says the chef about the restaurant’s proposal. “We are quite flexible because we don’t want to sell for the sake of selling, but for them to leave with an experience and say ‘there they prepared what I wanted.’ We are not squared, my kitchen is quite flexible and accessible for the satisfaction of the clients”. In Saladero they want to pamper their visitors with generous dishes and portions, and satisfy cravings, as they did at home.

More information

  • Location: AC Hotel in Malecón de la Reserva 729, Miraflores. Second floor
  • Reservations: WhatsApp 924547424 or
  • Hall hours: Monday to Saturday from 6:30 to 10:30 am, from 12 to 4 pm, from 6 to 10 pm Sundays from 7 to 11 am, from 12 to 4 pm, from 6 to 10 pm
  • On the 18th floor of the same AC Hotel is the ‘rooftop’ Insumo. Even three Input dishes can be consumed in Saladero.
  • Check out his Instagram account for more details:

Source: Elcomercio

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