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Personalized cocktails with the client’s taste and name: this is the Top Shelf bar

First they will ask you about your favorite fruits and then your favorite distillate. Knowing your tastes, preferences and all possible information, the Top Shelf barman will prepare the cocktail ideal for your personality and that of your friends. In this way your meetings at home will have a personalized, fun and original letter.

“We want you to feel that the cocktail you are trying has been made exclusively for you,” explains Hugo Yataco, leader of Top Shelf, a company dedicated to creative, personalized cocktails and the preparation of macerates that was born at the end of 2019. They are going to your social event and prepare the ideal menu coordinated with the client. In this way, the meeting can have a blackboard with the list of names of cocktails prepared especially for this occasion. “The concept was developed to highlight and reinterpret what we consider the soul of distillates, where fruit, herbs and exotic essences that come from the different regions of Peru are merged into a single cocktail,” emphasizes Yataco about his bet for this anus.

Maximize fruit flavors

Along with the idea of ​​personalized cocktails, Top Shelf presents a menu with around 20 options that seek to maximize the flavors of the fruits. They are natural and Peruvian products, as far as possible. “When creating this menu we are concerned with always having an ingredient that is characteristic of the regions of Peru. We use sacha culantro that is from the jungle, blueberries, root essences from Pucallpa such as 7 roots, blackberries, cocoa essence and more”, he details. An exquisite selection of seasonal fruits that will later merge with gin, vodka, whiskey, pisco and other distillates.

“The idea is to rescue the good things that are done in the country,” Hugo Yataco tells us. Trying the cocktails on this menu is enjoying an experience of aromas and textures, intensity and smoothness, which becomes a journey through the different regions of the country.

Top Shelf's menu stands out for the use of a wide variety of Peruvian fruits from all regions.

Bartender for a day

Sharing a relaxed moment around a good glass could become an unforgettable day, so it is important to worry about details such as the presentation of cocktails, types of glasses, decoration and the quality of the fruit, a concern that Top Shelf solves for the peace of mind of your customers.

Whiskey, cocoa bitters and spiced syrup.

And to add more fun, customers have the opportunity to become a barman for a moment and prepare their own cocktail with the barman’s guidance: “The idea is that the customer, in addition to trying the cocktail, can become an active participant in cocktails, which makes it more experiential and that is what we try to do with this concept”. Those who have no knowledge about mixing ingredients or balancing flavors and temperature can now enjoy this fun experience and show off in front of their friends.

If you don’t have space at home, but want to be part of this cocktail experience, Top Shelf offers its Home Bar (prior reservation) which is not a permanent bar, but rather a house with an intimate space for up to 14 people designed just to enjoy the cocktails and snacks with your family or friends.

Reposado tequila, grapefruit juice and agave syrup.

Enjoying this variety of cocktails with many fruits and having the opportunity to prepare them will undoubtedly turn what could be an average meeting into an extremely fun and unforgettable night. Just as we must not forget to always have a glass of water next to us. Health!

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