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Mother’s Day: 3 options to celebrate this day with a surprising breakfast | VIDEO

The Mother’s Day It is one of the best dates of the year to surprise mom and what better way than meeting her loved ones around a good table.

In this note we show you what they offer Alanya Bakery, Cafe A Bistro Y Amarena Urban Cafe especially for this celebration and thus enjoy an unforgettable breakfast or brunch with her.

1. Alanya Confectionery

Known for their desserts and pastries, at Alanya Confectionery you will enjoy breakfasts and brunches prepared with such delicacy that they will be a real surprise for mom.

Zara Alanya, creator of this confectionery, started in Surco 6 years ago and now they have a new place in Barranco for a year. While she is in Europe training to bring us the best dessert creations, her sister Úrsula Alanya Góngora tells us that “Alanya is the result of constant effort, learning and dedication to the trade that Zara wants to convey. She goes to training to renew her desserts every season so that the client can find a variety in pastries and pastries and not only that, but when you come to Alanya you will find a varied menu so that you can enjoy ”. And with that spirit of renewal, what surprises do you have prepared for Mother’s Day?

Úrsula Alanya, Zara's sister, tells us that the local specialty is desserts and pastries, as well as offering a cozy moment.

Camila Calderón, head of production, tells us about the three desserts specially created for this occasion: “We have the fresh herbs cake, a refreshing cake that has a compote of lemon with mint, lemon cream, coriander sponge cake, and a basil whipped cream. Also, the Cupcake Mama, the most representative for Mother’s Day, is a dessert with almond cake, strawberry compote, lemon cream, strawberry mousse and raspberry whipped cream. And Heart, a milk chocolate mousse with raspberry compote and sponge cake without chocolate flour”. That’s not all, each dessert comes with a cocktail to pair with.

The cocktails to pair with are Wild lady, Romantic style and Fête des mères.

Each dessert has a delicate presentation as for the occasion and, next to their cocktails, the experience becomes more special, as well as being exquisite. But if you feel like complementing it with something salty, Alanya offers a croissant roll with stracciatella, turkey, mango slices, arugula and a balsamic vinegar vinaigrette. Or, if you like to continue with the sweet, some delicious French toast with blueberry compote to share is the ideal option. They won’t regret it.

The supplies of sandwiches and desserts are first class.


  • Location: Jr. Domeyer 223, Barranco
  • Reservations: 987399131. Ask for the delivery option
  • For more details, we invite you to look at his Instagram account:

2. Cafe A Bistro

Known for their strip roast burgers, home made breads and breakfasts, Café A Bistro has a variety of 5 dishes on a menu specially prepared for Mother’s Day. “We make everything at home, our breads, jams, sauces, etc.” Ashton Mullikin, 42, tells us. He was born in the United States, came to Peru in 2009 and decided to stay. He started working in kitchens here and, in 2015, he decided to open his own business. Currently he has 3 stores in Lima.

Ashton Mullikin, owner and chef of Café A Bistro.

“Every year we prepare a new menu with 5 dishes, also cocktails these days and we change the buns that are courtesy. We have pancakes, breakfast enchiladas, an omelette with asparagus, Benedict eggs but with ham that we cure ourselves, and croque madame, which is brioche toast, house ham, bechamel sauce and an egg on top,” details the chef, who is also a chef.

Breakfast Enchiladas.

The Breakfast Enchiladas are made with corn tortillas, egg rolls, Mexican sausage and some diced potatoes: “It’s very similar to Huachana sausage with scrambled eggs,” Mullikin details. Once rolled, they have a red Mexican sauce, slightly spicy jalapeños and a cream on top to make it fresher, a little pico de gallo on top and finish with fresh cheese and cilantro.

Café A Bistro offers a hearty breakfast and brunch with 5 options to share with mom.

Pancakes are traditional, very common in the United States for breakfast, based on buttermilk, strawberries, maple syrup and whipped cream. Also, they have mimosa with orange juice and champagne, and Aperol Spritz.

As we can see, they are hearty breakfasts and brunches for those with a good appetite.

Croque Madam.


  • Location: Av. Pérez Araníbar 2193, San Isidro
  • Menu and reservations until May 7:
  • For more details, we invite you to look at his Instagram account:

3. Amarena Urban Cafe

This new cafe run by 3 young women has prepared several brunch options designed to celebrate mom and share with her not only a nice conversation, but also a delicious meal.

Breakfast and brunch to share on this special day, at Amarena Café Urbano.

“Amarena is a cafeteria with a casual concept in which we seek to promote brunch all day long, we want it to be a concept that lives from morning to lunch, afternoon and night, that is why we have offers for all hours, specialty coffee , desserts, savory, cocktails at our bar, and more”, tells us Andrea Rodríguez who, together with Laura Tibaquirá and Camila Unzueta, created this cozy space on Avenida La Mar, in Miraflores.

Andrea Rodríguez, Laura Tibaquirá and Camila Unzueta are the creators of this cafe with a casual concept.  They were winners of the 2021 Lights Award.

For this special day, Amarena offers a brunch that includes 4 steps and a welcome drink. Laura Tibaquirá tells us all about her commitment to Mother’s Day: “It is a time to celebrate and part of our value proposition is that customers feel very comfortable. Such a special day was to organize something different, so what we are going to have is a fixed brunch that will have the same idea that we have in Amarena: to share”, says Tibaquirá. The plates go to the center of the table so that people who arrive can share.

Benedictine eggs with smoked ham, vegetables such as spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

What does the 4-step menu consist of? It has Benedictine eggs with smoked ham, vegetables such as spinach, poached eggs and a hollandaise sauce on top. “On the other hand, we have a French toast with whipped mascarpone, strawberries, red fruits and sultana honey, which is from the outside of the coffee, the producers of Cusco sent it to us. We have arepas with avocado, Cajamarca cheese and some option of black beans and meat”, Tibaquirá details. In addition, the menu is complemented by yogurt with granola. It also has options for vegetarians and soft drinks.

A traditional French toast with honey from Cusco.

In addition, they will offer flower bouquets made by Florería Diamond, just for this occasion, to complement the moment and make it more special.


  • Location: Av. La Mar 438, Miraflores
  • The bouquets are from Florería Diamond (Instagram: @floreria.diamond)
  • Reservations: By DM on your Instagram account:

Source: Elcomercio

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