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Creole soup, sancochado, chicken broth and all the delicacies you will find in Chios Sopas

This restaurant was born in 2018, as a new proposal and aimed at a younger audience, according to Luis Oshiro, chef in charge of Chios Soups. Although, it should be noted that she is backed by the Chios Groupwho have 40 years of experience thanks to the Chios Cafe and the Chios Chicken. “Due to the boom in soups and broths, we decided on this format. Several of the recipes have been from the first restaurant, such as the Creole soup. There are others, which we have decided to boost like chicken broth, so that it comes out more concentrated”, Oshiro adds.

Chicken broth is one of the most requested dishes in the restaurant.

Since they started with the attention, it was a success, endorsed by already known clients of the other two brands. But, due to the arrival of the pandemic, things had to change and from the restaurant they dealt with the consequences of those times. “There was quite a lot of staff and in the kitchen, practically, we stayed with two people. At that time it was difficult because Creole food was not something that was usually sold by delivery”explains the chef.

Over time, they knew how to deal with the changes and started a better strategy to offer their dishes through delivery platforms and to promote them through social networks. Currently, in addition to the delivery and delivery service, they have attention in their lynx local, a house suitable for its format, with a simple but cozy decoration.

At the restaurant we were received by Luis Oshiro, chef and manager of Chios Sopas.

Comfort and Creole flavor

As is known, the main proposal is the most traditional and well-known broths and soups of our cuisine. A) Yes, each day a specific recipe is preparedamong which we can find menestrónwood-fired bean soup,pataca, broad bean chupe with strip roast and shambar. In addition, one of the most forceful and requested dishes is the parboiled, which can be enjoyed on Friday and Sunday, on this last day in its special format. The broth is full of powerful flavor and is served with a plate full of vegetables, tubers and a generous piece of soft meat, the kind that you split with a spoon.

The sancochado is another of the dishes that shine on the menu.

Another of the preparations that is a total success, and that can be enjoyed regardless of the day, is the chicken soup. This classic of classics is served with a good prey, boiled egg, its inevitable noodles and a concentrated broth with great flavor. As expected, it is accompanied with Chinese onion, lemon and popcorn. In addition, we can taste the classic creole soup, served with a generous portion of angel hair noodles, pieces of meat, corn kernels and cubes of cheese. All crowned by an egg cooked to perfection. The best of all? All soups are accompanied by a portion of peasant bread.

If you are one of those who sees soup as a starter or prefer to share it to try other dishes, the menu of Chios Soups offers a wide variety of traditional Creole dishes, of those that can be part of our daily menu. In the section of Los Bravos de Chios we can find the salted loin. Juicy, with a great balance between meat and vegetables and with yellow fries, this preparation is one of our favorites.

Lomo saltado can be enjoyed in its traditional version or served with thin loin.

In addition, you can enjoy dishes such as chaufa taipa rice, mostrito, stir fry noodle (of meat, beef or chicken), roast with mash and rice, Alfredo or pesto linguine and grilled chicken. The menu also offers us different cooked meats in different formats (steak, breaded meat sheet, Milanese or supreme), which can be accompanied with potatoes and rice, pasta or with tacu tacu. The dishes here are really strong, so we recommend sharing the portions.

If you want to end the meal with a sweet touch, they have portions of desserts such as bavarois with guindones, flipped cream, cherry cheesecake, chocolate cake and tres leches cake. But, if you are one of those who bet on tasting cocktailsthe restaurant has a bar section where, in addition to classic cocktails, they offer four Nikkei-inspired options.

In its menu, Chios Sopas also includes Nikkei-inspired cocktails.

Chios Sopas is one of those places that one returns to again and again for home cooked food, generous portions and an unpretentious atmosphere.


Chios Sopas has a store in Jirón Manuel Segura 137, Lince. They are open from Monday to Saturday from noon to 1 am and on Sundays until midnight. To learn more about their menu and offer, you can visit their website, Facebook page or Instagram profile.

Source: Elcomercio

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