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Three soup recipes perfect for winter that you can prepare today

Now that winter is here, with its colder weather, many summer lovers may question the taste of others for this season. But isn’t having a steaming and comforting bowl of soup one of the most enjoyed pleasures these days? Whether with vegetables, with meat, full of impressive flavors or more subtle flavors but just as pleasant, soups are one of those foods that adapt to everyone’s tastes. For this reason, we present three soup recipes that are a perfect meal to include in the menu.

1. Chicken soup

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That’s right, if one thinks of this category of recipes, it is likely that this preparation is the first that came to mind. A bit of chicken, a bit of vegetables and a bit of noodles accompanied by a light broth that seems to cure all ills. This is a recipe that many have already mastered due to its simplicity, but if you want to know how to make it, here is the answer.

2. wonton soup

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When one goes to enjoy a rich menu in a Chifa, one finds the difficult decision between soup or fried wonton. Thanks to this recipe you no longer have to decide, because you can prepare the first option in the comfort of your home. From the ingredients you’ll need to how to make the stuffed wontons, this is an easy, flavorful and hearty version that we all enjoy.

Reference photo.  (Photo by Giancarlo Revolledo on Unsplash)

3. Menestrone

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When it comes to ingenuity, we Peruvians are characterized precisely by that: the ability to find ourselves in front of something and, in one way or another, adapt it to our context. That happened with the minestrone, which is inspired by the classic Italian minestrone. This delicious version combines a feast of ingredients that includes brisket tip, corn, noodles, yucca, potato, squash, turnip, beans and more. As it sounds, this preparation is a meal in itself, not necessarily an appetizer, which cannot be missing from our tables.

This rich and forceful recipe is from Bratzo Vergara.


Source: Elcomercio

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