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Halloween recipes: learn how to make this spider-shaped sandwich for your children

Spider sandwich, a super easy idea to surprise your children this Halloween month. Perfect for lunchboxes or to do as a weekend activity with your kids. The nice thing is to let your children’s creativity come out and that each one creates their own version of spider with the ingredients that they put on the table to work.

What is needed:


  • Round cutter (you can use a cup).
  • White sliced ​​bread.
  • Cream cheese.
  • Strawberry jam.
  • Wheat sticks (pretzels).
  • Seedless olives, or raisins.


Cut the bread with a round cutter, reserving the edges to use in other preparations. Each chandelier requires a base and a lid (although one of my daughters did make a five-story chandelier). Spread the base with cream cheese and the top with jam. Then place four wheat stick legs per side, on top of the cream cheese that will help fix it, there will be eight legs in total. Then close the sandwich and place the eyes of olives or raisins, using the glue cream cheese. enjoy your spiders


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Feel free to let your imagination run wild and use whatever ingredients you want or like the most to create your spiders.

For more recipes for children, follow me every Monday on Provecho.

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