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Where to Taste the Best Typical Italian Food 

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Chosen as a travel destination by tourists all year round, its art, culture, and fantastic scenery never disappoint, and make the country a unique destination for everyone lucky enough to visit it. 

Another side of Italy which really makes it a one-of-a-kind place to visit is the food. Italian cuisine is synonymous with richness of flavor and excellent quality. The fusion of flavors and textures is mimicked and borrowed from by cultures from all over the world. 

Italian food lovers take the best from each region and adapt it to their ingredients and customs. Here are some iconic dishes from the country which you shouldn’t miss out on when passing through.


Pizza is perhaps the most beloved food in the Western world. It is said to have originated in Naples, in the southern part of the country. The Italians managed to transform a piece of dough and some tomato sauce into an absolute delicacy.

The Margherita pizza, topped with olive oil, mozzarella, tomato, and basil, has become the most popular and traditional of its kind, since it also displays the colors of the Italian flag. 

Each region has its unique preferences when it comes to pizza. Still, the varieties that stand out above the rest are from Naples and Rome. The quality and ingredients used are practically the same, but the thickness of the crust sets them apart. 

You may think you have already tried your favorite pizza back home, but you mustn’t leave Italy without trying out the different styles on offer.


Pasta – the world’s number one comfort food by far – is an icon of handmade flavor which can double as a creative canvas due to the many available recipes and possibilities. You can travel to Italy and eat nothing but pasta, and you will still have tried many different dishes and flavors. 

Most Italians eat pasta as a first course, followed by something more substantial. Take the time to sample Rome’s most beloved pasta, carbonara. You are best off asking the locals for their recommendations, and seeking out restaurants that serve pasta exclusively. These are the masters that will prepare the best pasta dish you have tried in your life.


What air is for everybody else, coffee is for Italians. It is not just a drink; it is a ritual, a moment shared with others or oneself, a time to reflect on the day or to simply enjoy the afternoon. 

Many types of coffee drinks are available, from cappuccinos to lattes. Still, the most beloved by the locals will always be the espresso. The quality of the coffee beans has to be exceptional, and the Italians make sure that it is. 

Italians drink coffee during the first hours of the morning and afternoon, but the best coffee of the day is after lunch. A hot shot of espresso will help you to digest your meal and set your stomach, giving you the energy required for the hours ahead. 

You can drink good coffee almost everywhere in Italy – even at a bar. While most locals prefer to drink it black, others enjoy adding a dash of whipped cream for a sweet kick. Enjoy! 


Don’t just drink that cup of coffee on its own! Now is the perfect opportunity to try a selection of typical Italian pastries. 

First, make sure to sample the unique flavor of the cannoli. This traditional dessert consists of a roll of fried dough with sweet filling, like ricotta or cream, as well as some pistachio nuts. The crunchiness of the dough and the creamy texture of the filling makes cannoli the favorite dessert among Italians. 

Travel South, and you’ll encounter another excellent Italian pastry: the sfogliatella. This is a delicious, triangle-shaped pastry layered with an filling of almond paste. 

Food Tour in Italy

If your mouth is already watering, and you cannot wait to try all the specialties, one fun and interactive way to sample the best dishes while getting to know the culture and history of Italy is a food tour.

Food tours are becoming a worldwide trend for curious tourists who are looking for an immersive experience around the city they’re about to visit, but aren’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars. A local guide will take you around the most iconic places in town, letting you try the best dishes and drink the most delicious wine on offer.  Get ready to book your Italy food tour

Rome, Italy’s magnificent capital city, has a number of fantastic food tours. The Romans are particular about their food tastes and customs, with traditions dating back to centuries ago, and they invest a lot of effort to preserve them. A Rome food tour is guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

If you book a food tour in Rome, you will likely get the chance to visit establishments run by the second or third generation of the same family, who aim to maintain their establishment’s original charm and specialties. 

The locals are loyal, and you are sure to find them at their local trattoria or café, passing the time and enjoying the pleasant weather. The food tour guides will take you to these unique, hidden venues where you will be able to experience the city’s food like a real Roman. 

As the food industry keeps changing and evolving, consumers grow more confident and demanding when it comes to service and quality ingredients. This is especially true among traveling foodies. 

So a food tour is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get to know a city’s culture while enjoying the best local dishes on offer. 

Read online reviews for more information, and book in advance! You can get a discount of up to 20% if you sign up to the newsletter today! What are you waiting for?

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