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Reinventing Doña Pepa’s nougat: 6 alternatives that will surprise you | VIDEO

Doña Pepa’s nougat is an incomparable dessert. The perfect combination of a soft dough with hints of anise, a thick and fruity honey and sweets that decorate and give life to the dessert is precisely what conquers thousands of diners. But can this peculiar combination of flavors succeed in other formats? In Advantage We think so, that’s why we decided to investigate restaurants and businesses that are committed to versioning the nougat. Thus, we created this note and we tell you where you can enjoy ice cream, cheesecakes and cakes, among other desserts, all inspired by this sweet of the purple month.


Where? Lanational

If you are looking to enjoy Peruvian cuisine classics such as Cevichesalted loin or chicken chili, Lanational It is a proposal that you must try. The restaurant, which has various locations in Lima, celebrates the diversity of our gastronomy by betting on a modern version of those stews of yesteryear and combinations that conquer diners from all over the world.

Doña Pepa’s nougat cheesecake has been on the menu for a few years now. “We wanted to adapt it to a more modern situation, where people want not only to try the classic nougat but to adapt it to a more contemporary world. (…) I felt that the cheesecake it’s soft, it’s creamy, it’s easy to eat”, comments Renato Peralta, gastronomic director of Lanational and other brands of the Civitano group.

The dessert is filled with a traditional cheesecake of cream cheese combined with honey from the fruits they prepare, it has a base of nougat dough, with anise and finally it is bathed with more honey and sprinkles.

Fact: Lanacional attends in format of delivery Y salon care in its four locations: Civic Center, Mega Plaza, Santa Anita, Puruchuco, while in the La Molina and Surquillo locations they serve via delivery. Visit their Instagram account @lanacionalperu and learn more about their locations, menu and hours.


Where? King Kronut

Nougat from King Kronuts.  (Photo: Cesar Campos / El Comercio)

This restaurant is the only one in Peru specializing in cronuts, which are a pastry invention where the dough of a croissant and the shape of a donut are combined to create a unique experience. They are crispy, with a variety of fillings and incredible toppings such as hazelnut cream, meringue, brownies, jams and even bacon. A) Yes, King Kronuts He bets on preparing everything from scratch and taking care of every dish that comes out of his kitchen in detail.

The nougat It is filled with chancaca pastry cream and covered with nougat honey glaze, nougat crumble and, of course, the classic dragees and nougat honey.

Fact: King Kronut has locations in Lynx (1494 Jose Leal Avenue), Saint Michael Square (Mantaro Boulevard 326), Groove (Hidden Kitchen: Calle Casagrande 114-116 floor 2A) and Surquillo (Hidden kitchen: Lizardo Montero 1116). To learn more about their schedules, orders by delivery and letter, you can visit his Instagram profile @kingkronuts.


Where? Velvet. Petit Homemade Cakes

Velvet it’s a entrepreneurship who was born in full pandemic. Its cakes of 12 cm in diameter, the little cakes, are the result of several days and hours of thinking in an innovative format. Thus, this size is ideal for giving and sharing with our loved ones, especially in times when it is still difficult to be close to them. They currently have four cakes (carrot cake, red velvet, chocolate cake and vanilla cake) and more than 50 different decorations.

As a Peruvian enterprise, they wanted to celebrate this purple month with a vanilla cake with the typical nougat ingredient: anise and toasted sesame. It is filled and covered with the classic fruit-based honey and decorated with the usual sweets and sprinkles.

Fact: This enterprise attends orders 48 hours in advance. Have delivery from Monday to Saturday, from 11 am to 6 pm and to learn more about their menu, payment and shipping methods, visit their Instagram account @velvet_homemade.


Where? El Mustache Coffee & Waffles

Nougat waffle, prepared at El Bigote.  (Photo: Cesar Campos / El Comercio)

If it is one of the lovers of waffles then you must visit Mustache, a cafeteria that specializes in this dough in both sweet and savory versions. The restaurant, created by Alessia and Diego, has managed to perfect a neutral dough that lends itself to becoming a sandwich club or in a mixedbut it also works with a dollop of ice cream, fruit and hazelnut spread or perhaps served with a little honey.

After a few attempts they managed to present the nougat waffle, prepared with a dough that has anise and sesame seeds. Although the heart of this recipe is in the delicious fruity honey they prepare from scratch. Thus, they serve a waffle with this honey and top everything with the classic sprinkles. The different touch? The portion of cinnamon ice cream that accompanies it, a different but ideal touch.

Fact: El Mustache Coffee & Waffles attends the salon from Monday to Sunday, from 9 am to 9:15 pm, at its Barranco location (Av. Miguel Grau 1450). In addition, they serve via delivery through WhatsApp 936819234 or you can find them on Rappi. To learn more about his letter, visit the Instagram account @elbigotecoffeewaffles or Facebook profile @elbigotecafe.


White card is a bakehouse located in Miraflores. Here they bake everything, according to Estefania Bellina. “predominates the dessertbut the pastries It has been gaining strength because I have loved it since I was a child,” she adds. They have the peculiarity that they change menus according to the season, respecting the classic technique and innovating with interesting flavors and seasonal ingredients.

In his letter you can find specialty bakery -such as croissants, English muffins, bagels-, as well as options for brunch and, of course, specialty coffee. They also have a letter of desserts in different presentations, such as cakes, kekes and cookies.

“Thinking of something for October, it occurred to me to do the Doña Pepa nougat bomb. In 2020 we made a nougat bomb, made of fried brioche dough. In 2021, I changed it to a croissant pump because we had already learned how to make croissants and since I love puff pastry, I changed it”, explains Bellina.

This is how a delicious creation was born, which is a puff pastry bomb, filled with pastry cream infused with anise. It is surrounded by the classic grajeas and is served with a delicious honey with fig leaf, chancaca, quince and pineapple, among other ingredients.

Data: Carte Blanche It has a store at Av. Gral. Mendiburu 967, Miraflores and is open every day, from 8:30 am to 8 pm In addition, you can place orders via WhatsApp and its website. Learn more about his proposal and letter on the Instagram profile


To enjoy a different experience, through the bread bowls and chimney cakes, K.U.K. is the perfect option. It is a “Gastro Bakery” experience that is lived through dough, cheese, cold and heat, according to Antonella Monzon, owner of the restaurant. Here you can find a varied menu, where they offer different versions of the bread bowl, which is a bread used as a container for soups, creams and other delicacies. In addition, they have chimney cakes, a dessert of Hungarian origin that consists of handmade dough baked at the moment and served with different toppings.

“October arrived and we were clear that we had to do something related. A friendly brand makes one of the best nougat in Lima and we decided to buy some to experiment with, the result was the chimney cone doña pepa nougat”, Monzon explains.

Thus, they created a delicious cone of baked dough that is covered with crushed nougat dough, with a border of honey and sprinkles. It is filled with vanilla ice cream and toppings include mini nougats, the classic nougat sweets and more honey.

Data: KUK – Bread Bowls It is open from Sunday to Wednesday, from 9 am to 11 pm, and from Thursday to Saturday, from 8 am to 12 am Its location is in Miraflores (Av. Ernesto Diez Canseco 298). To place orders you can call 934816628 or visit their Instagram page for more information. They are pet friendly.

Source: Elcomercio

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