OpinionStudying and working: five tips to optimize time

Studying and working: five tips to optimize time


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Being a student and working at the same time are not easy activities to do, good time management is needed to fulfill the tasks of the college and work activities, says Giuliana Ortega Arescureaga, manager of Employability and Business Relations at UPN.

The expert considers that the main challenge for working students is the possibility of gaining knowledge in their professional career and obtaining a better economic situation in the future.

Five tips for maintaining a balance

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For this reason, it offers five tips to maintain a balance on a personal, work and academic level.

  • Time management. Prioritizing the most complex activities and then the simpler ones will help you make the most of your time at work and at home.
  • Creativity. Create graphic organizers to solve academic tasks in less time.
  • Feeding. Maintaining a balanced diet is important so as not to affect the state of health, especially when the days are more intense.
  • emotional control. While working and studying are important, so is mental health, having some downtime between work schedules will help reduce stress.
  • Teamwork. It is important to form a good work group to carry out work and university activities.

Ortega recommended studying in institutions that have a curriculum according to the market, which allows them to have better tools to face professional practices. Likewise, he urged the students to learn English, excel and expand their knowledge in technology to face the new challenges in today’s market.

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UPN, which recently stood out in the categories of education and employability in the QS Stars Rating, provides personalized advice to its students through employability advisors, where they provide recommendations for the preparation of CVs, soft skills, job search places, among others.

Source: Elcomercio

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