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Carta Blanca, the croissant-specialized cafeteria hidden in the heart of Miraflores

There is nothing more encouraging – whether or not we are fans of the field – than witnessing the growth, the consolidation of a culinary axis in the city. That is what I felt recently as I walked several blocks from Miraflores General Mendiburu, avenue parallel to La Mar and El Ejército (positioned as centers gastronomic long on his own merit), whose personality and style definitely make a difference.

From the market (and El Mercado, by Rafael Osterling) to the bread or coffee workshops, passing through restaurants such as Las Reyes and Matria: each step is a new discovery. At the height of block 9, precisely, there is a small treasure that is already known among the clientele of the neighborhood.

Carta Blanca began as a delivery brand and eventually jumped to its own store (the opening took place during the last stretch of the pandemic, less than a year ago). It is a small space, although quite comfortable, there are only three tables; As soon as you enter, look for the one with the window overlooking the street. The concept revolves around different baked treats.

It’s a bake house where croissants are an essential piece and are prepared daily, as well as other pastries or pastries in the form of cinnamon rolls, bagels, puff pastry bombs, cheese rolls or carbonara rolls with bacon cheeks.

The selection of fresh pastries is baked daily.

Behind the proposal is the administrator and pastry chef Estefanía Bellina, whose training in London opened up a confectionery universe that expands day by day in Carta Blanca. From carrot cakes or apple crisps, to Jamaican flower red velvet, a house-style lemon cake (English-inspired) and a gluten-free chocolate soufflé that is first eaten with the eyes.

Each bite is special, but I recommend ordering, at least to take away, a couple of the alfajores that are usually on the counter. The dough has chestnuts and the white delicacy is truly addictive. Impossible not to repeat.

  • One of the most interesting things on the menu is the possibility of choosing from a delicious list of fillings (chicken with avocado; mixed with leg ham and cheese; pepper roast; salmon, capers and cream cheese; among others) to try. with the bread that most provokes us. This includes croissants, bagels, English muffins, focaccias, and whatever came out of the oven that day. Carta Blanca can also be ordered by Rappi.
  • While her ‘bakehouse’ advances, Estefania Bellina continues with the business with which she started in the gastronomic world: she is a supplier of different desserts for various brands on the market. Before settling in Mendiburu, the pastry chef also spent time in the kitchen of Mó Café.
Pastry chef Estefania Bellina poses in front of her shop.

Address: Av. General Mendiburu 967, Miraflores.

Contact: 994621744


Source: Elcomercio

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