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Towers with snacks and sandwiches? This is Cashew, the ideal place for your end-of-year meetings

Before visiting the restaurant Cashew may be convenient to know first what this word means. In many parts of the world, the Cajun nut is called that (actually, the cashew nut would be the fruit, and the nut, the seed), originally from Brazil and spread throughout the continent.

But it is not in American territory where this story begins, but rather across the Atlantic, until reaching the Iberian Peninsula. It was in a town on the Catalan coast called Sitges that Alex Vautravers and Cecilia Brenneisen —a couple and duo behind the restaurant that concerns us today— tried a pasta based on this product for the first time.

It was something so unusual that the flavor (and name) has stuck with them ever since. Cecilia had dedicated her entire life to academia, and Alex is one of the best-known names in the hotel business in Peru. Some time ago they decided to go for their own project where contemporary Peruvian cuisine and fusion recipes set the tone.

Cashew is a large restaurant, with several rooms and enough space to have anything from a quiet breakfast —they open very early, every day of the week— to a corporate event. Some 120 diners enter the 650-square-meter premises, which have two terraces and private rooms. The menu allows you to try several experiences, depending on the visit.

There are options for every moment of the day: breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner. It all depends on the kind of experience you are looking for. Among the most requested dishes are the lomo saltado (which has the particularity of coming with rolls breaded with cause, stuffed with avocado); grilled salmon with mango chutney and cocktail potatoes; some shells with ponzu and passion fruit presented on dry ice; and some fresh quinoa pesto rolls, wrapped in slices of smoked salmon, with salmon tartare, ponzu caviar and balsamic vinegar reduction.

Grilled salmon with mango chutney, accompanied by golden cocktail potatoes and grilled asparagus.

The menu is quite extensive and some novelties stand out, such as the “towers” ​​with snacks, sandwiches and other cravings, which are offered both for breakfast and lunch. Do not forget to visit the boutique with products that they have at the entrance.

  • In addition to being a restaurant, Cashew is also a gourmet boutique. There are two spaces right at the entrance, with snacks and products made to try at home. In the room on the right we find savory (from quiches or cakes, to imported condiments) and wines from all over the world. In the room on the left is the pastry and bakery section.
  • The owners of Cashew visited at least 50 places (between commercial premises and houses) before finding the final one, located in a wide corner of the sanisidrina Avenida Dos de Mayo. There are several marked spaces: two terraces (one at the entrance and another in the backyard), the living room, the lounge area and a private area for meetings or events.
Cashew is open every day of the week.

Contact information:

Direction: Av. Dos de Mayo 1499, San Isidro

Mobile: 938-639086

Instagram: @anacardolima

Source: Elcomercio

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