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Summer in Piura? 5 places you must go to eat if you are in the northern city

Who has not heard about how delicious it is to eat in Piura? Ceviches with delicious fish, seco de chavelo, clarito and many other dishes are part of the local gastronomy. But what you may not know is that the city is growing and with it the gastronomic proposals that we can find there. Advantage He traveled to Piura and set out to create this gastronomic route with different options to enjoy. From delicious pizzas to a good noodle with turkey and chifles.

Coffee Like at Home

One of the traditions that I treasure most in Piura is the noodle with turkey. But, whenever I mention it in Lima, few people know about it. For this reason, one of the obligatory points on this route is Café Como en Casa, a traditional restaurant that specializes in the art of preparing turkey. This hearty dish consists of noodles bathed in the turkey cooking juice, turkey meat (customers can choose which part they prefer), salad, onion sauce and, of course, a generous portion of chifles. Here you can also enjoy turkey sandwiches, corn tamales, green tamales and a past coffee like few others.


Its store is located at Av. San Teodoro 579, Piura. They are open from Monday to Saturday, from 5 pm to 9:30 pm. To contact the restaurant, you can contact the numbers 968183939 – 920623055 – 073392886 or visit their Facebook page @cafecomoencasa.

El Chalan Ice Cream Shop

One of the classic gastronomic spaces that everyone visits in Piura is the El Chalán Ice Cream Parlor, thanks to the fact that they offer the perfect preparations to appease the pressing heat: cremoladas and ice cream. Among the variety of ice creams that we can find, they offer flavors known as chocomenta, vanilla and strawberry, but the stars are the regional flavors such as nougat, cocada, algarrobina and -our favorite- chumbeque. If you are looking for something more refreshing, cremoladas are for you. Some of the more interesting flavors are: plum mango, lime, punch, tamarind, and barley. They also offer cakes and à la carte dishes, to complete the experience.


El Chalán has six stores in the city. One of them is located at Av. Grau 452, Piura (Near Ovalo Grau). They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 8 pm To place orders, you can contact WhatsApp 987343632. To learn more about their letter, visit their website.

the shell

If you venture to the Piura Market Complex, one of the richest huariques you can find is La Conchito, by María Concepción Mendoza de Yovera, who has been in this space for 48 years. Currently her daughter Carmen is in charge of it, and she offers a selection of typical dishes but perhaps many do not know. They are recognized for their delicious pata de toro soup, a hearty preparation perfect for any time of the day, served with noodles, cassava, and corn. Another favorite is the fried meat, which they dry themselves, and which is served with fried plantains, canchita and onion sauce. If you ask for chifles, you should know that they are prepared at the moment. You can also find chicken stew, fried fish, ceviches and sweaty dishes that are not to be missed. To drink, they offer a delicious past coffee, as well as barley and clarito.


The stall is located in the Piura Market Complex. To visit them, you can ask for the restaurant or find them in front of the San Miguel Factory, in Jr. Augusto Velarde. They are open from 5:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The mouth

If it is about celebrating the Piura tradition, La Bocca is a restaurant that always meets not only with delicious flavors but also with the quality of its products. We recommend betting on their rounds, as they offer an interesting variety of some of their best dishes. The house round includes grouper ceviche, black shell ceviche, yellow chili pepper tiradito, olive octopus and seafood cause. The criolla includes green tamales, majado de yuca, seco de chavelo, pork ribs and meat seasoned with chifles. You can also find seco de cabrito, arroz con mariscos, chita in garlic sauce, and sudado norteño, to mention a few of the options.


La Bocca has two stores: El Chipe (Andres Avelino 234, Piura) and La Alborada (Av. Marcavelica Mz. B Lote 38, Piura). They serve from noon. To learn more about his proposal, you can visit his Web page.

Caffe Ristorante Da Biagio

With the growth of the city, the variety of restaurants that we can visit and enjoy also increases. If you are a lover of pasta and pizza, Caffe Ristorante Da Biagio is a perfect choice. With imported products and traditional recipes, this cozy space offers delicacies such as cappuccinos, juices, grilled sandwiches, suckling pig or caprese. In addition, at lunch they offer menus with national dishes. One of our favorites is the contadina focaccia, which has vegetables such as mushrooms, zucchini, and eggplant with mozzarella cheese. We also recommend the meat tortelloni with ragù and as for the pizzas we prefer the Four Seasons, which has artichokes, olives, ham and mushrooms. You can’t leave without enjoying a slice of tiramisu or a cocktail with Aperol or Campari.


Da Biagio is located at Pasaje Don Calixto 550, Urbanización El Chipe, Piura. They are open from 9 am to 3 pm and from 6 pm to 11 pm, Monday through Friday. On Saturdays they are open from 6 pm to 11 pm To place orders and/or reservations, you can call 942 301 905. Visit their Facebook page (@restaurantebiagio) to learn more about their proposal.

What other places would you recommend visiting in Piura? Leave us your comments on our Instagram account: @provechope.

Source: Elcomercio

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