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Our daily fish, the huarique de Surquillo that went viral with its oyster festival

Peruvian marine cuisine is one of the most delicious that exists and it is difficult to deny it. With top quality ingredients, fresh fish and shellfish and the creativity that characterizes Peruvian chefs and cooks, this type of gastronomy conquers us daily and it seems that there is nothing left to discover. Or at least that’s what I thought until I met El pez nuestro de cada día, a small huarique located in Surquillo that went viral on social networks with a menu offering eight types of oysters, among which the grilled version stands out.

The first thing one thinks of when it comes to oysters is perhaps a scene from a movie or series where they celebrate with a plate with this mollusk in plenty of ice. It seems to be a very fine morsel and unattainable for most. But in a small street and with a grill outside we find the premises of this restaurant that seeks to show us that oysters are for everyone.

The person in charge of receiving diners is Aurelio Exebio, the chef and owner of this space in which he began serving the public in October 2021. “Thanks to a job as a consultant for an aquaculture association, I learned about the riches of shells fan and oysters and I decided to make them known in this space. We started little by little, but we are already thinking about growing”, the 65-year-old chef proudly tells Advantage.

The main space has about five tables and a small ceviche bar where oysters and a few versions of ceviche are prepared, very much in their style. On the shelves of this space you can see an old photo of Exebio with his mother on a day at the beach, which seems to be the source of inspiration and endless strength that characterizes the also business administrator.

“The work with oysters is very specific and it is difficult to train the staff. We managed a space that at first worked well for us but now, after the videos that Malu Quinteros published on Tik Tok, every weekend we have people waiting and that is why we open two other spaces with tables”, he explains.

At first it was difficult to maintain the restaurant and according to the chef, I can do it thanks to other businesses he ran. “But I had faith in this, I think the others are delicacies that we should all be able to enjoy as Peruvians,” he adds.

carnival of flavors

The menu of El pez Nuestro de Cada Día has five presentations of fan shells and eight versions of oysters, which you can find for a unit price. Undoubtedly the favorite is the grilled option, since the smoky touch and the texture that the oyster obtains goes perfectly with the drops of lemon with which they recommend enjoying it.

Other more forceful options that are just as fresh and delicious are the acebichada (with leche de tigre and onion), the oyster with mignonette sauce (with onion pickled in red wine vinegar) and the gratin (with garlic, butter, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese). ). They are generous, filling and each bite is totally worth it.

An absolute favorite is the cebiche de conchas negras con oysters, a combination we had not found elsewhere in Lima. They also have classic accompaniments of the marine banquet such as a creamy rice with seafood and a hearty chicharrón de pescado that combines with any option.

Nothing better than venturing out to try new dishes and what better if it is, at the same time, betting on something Peruvian.


Our daily fish It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 5:00 pm, at its location located at Jr. Inca 180, Surquillo. For more information you can find them on Facebook (El Pez Nuestro de Cada Día) and Instagram (@elpeznuestrodecadadia).

Source: Elcomercio

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