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Bars, cafeterias and more: the new places in the Center of Lima that you must visit

This January 18th we celebrate the Lima anniversary walking its streets. Although it seems that time has stopped, its colonial mansions take on a second life with attractive and contemporary proposals for restaurants and bars. Will they become new classics? Only time will tell.


The doors of this 2,200 m2 colonial-style house reopen to welcome all those in search of Peruvian cuisine and cocktails (from classic to contemporary). For some it will be a trip back in time since, during the 70s, the five-fork Tambo de Oro restaurant operated in this space, to which they pay homage.

The concept of Casa Tambo was born from the house itself, declared cultural heritage, and the restaurant that operated there. The spaces were restored and have been divided into three rooms to enjoy different experiences from breakfast to a few drinks at night.

“We brought up everything that had been operating [el Tambo de Oro] and we began to promote Peruvian dishes. In the gastronomic proposal we have a bit of the coast, mountains and jungle”, indicates Juan Martin Caldas, marketing manager of the restaurant and bar.

The revaluation of Peruvian dishes and inputs are the main ingredient of the menu.

The revaluation of Peruvian dishes and supplies are the main ingredient on the menu, explains executive chef Christian Cotrina. In the restaurant halls and the Plaza Mercado space, the ovens and grills stand out where they prepare grilled Creole dishes such as rice with roast duck with Josper.

There are also grills (with a wide variety of meats), a selection of American Angus cuts, beef and pork. While in the environment known as Bar de Lima they opt more for appetizers: international cuisine dishes to which they add some Peruvian ingredients. Like the potato omelette with huachana sausage or the loin carpaccio (with paria cheese).

Some onchitas al josper in ají amarillo sauce.  The ovens and grills are key to the kitchen at Casa Tambo.

In the cocktail bar there is also a variety according to tastes. In the restaurant halls and the Plaza Mercado space, a more contemporary bar is served: they play with spheres, smoke and ice. As a good accompaniment to the gastronomic proposal, a brick cocktail is suggested (with pisco acholado, rum, pink guava and passion fruit).

While in Bar de Lima we find an English-style bar where the stars are classic and reversaled cocktails. This is the case of the old fashion turned into corn fashion (with purple corn) or the flower fizz (with Peruvian gin, elderflower liqueur and tonic water). “We try to show the public that in the center of Lima we can highlight Peruvian distillates and our ingredients”, comments the bar manager Marcos Blas. Be careful, in both cases they have a varied menu of piscos, gins, rum, cognac, whiskey, vermouth and caña.

Signature and classic cocktails are served.

On the other hand, on the second level there is a museum (which they plan to open at the end of January) with a line of popular art. Among the paintings are works by Teodoro Núñez Ureta who became director of the National School of Fine Arts. Another reason to return to Casa Tambo.

Address: Jr. de la Union 1066, Lima.


In front of Casa Matusita and at the foot of the Metropolitano we find this new bar and restaurant inspired by the mythical Palais Concert, but with contemporary touches. Its goal is to be a space that combines art, music and signature cocktails. This is how the Palais Rooftop was born, in a reconstructed mansion from 1910, with rooms decorated with graffiti and old paintings that inspire the menu, as well as a view of an impressive night-time Lima.

The bar’s menu, which has more than 30 varieties of cocktails, is diverse as it includes the classics, author proposals and some reversals of old drinks but with Peruvian inputs. Ask for a Sérvulo, in homage to the painter, or The Lady with a Pretty Face, inspired by an old painting hung in the living rooms of the house. To accompany it, they offer pasta, makis, meats and appetizers such as salmon tartare, crispy chicken fingers or buffalo wings.

This bar-restaurant, space for art and bohemia, renews the face of daytime and nighttime tours of downtown Lima. So as not to lose sight of it.

Address: Av. España 225, Lima.


Just a few steps from the House of Literature, is this specialty cafeteria. Coffee lovers will find their favorite destination here since it offers the drink according to its different extraction methods. Thus, you can enjoy from a classic espresso or American, to methods such as Chemex or V-60. For summer, you also find frapuccinos that you can accompany with sandwiches or desserts. Enjoy your visit on its perfect terrace.

Address: Jirón Áncash 251, Downtown Lima.

Source: Elcomercio

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