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Camilo celebrated his birthday in Lima at Gastón Acurio’s restaurant

Colombian singer Camilo is in Lima, he came to the city to continue his tour “De adentro pa fuera” and that will allow him to meet once again with his fans who are ready to sing his mythical songs such as “For the first time”, “Machu Picchu”, “Tutu”, “Baby”, among others. And as expected, barely on Peruvian soil, the singer, Evaluna Montaner and all her companions, did not resist trying Peruvian food.

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The restaurant chosen for dinner was Astrid & Gastón, the first space of the Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio next to his wife Astrid Gutsche. In addition, due to the stories shared on the singer’s Instagram account, it was learned that the staff of the place took advantage of the visit to sing him a birthday and that Camilo celebrates another fair year on March 16. Evaluna was surprised with the dessert presented by the restaurant team.

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Astrid & Gastón was ranked 30th in the 50 best Latam of 2022. The menu is divided into appetizers with prices that vary between 12 soles and 49 soles, entries in which you can find dishes from 39 soles to 89 soles, the main dishes that there are vegetarians, seafood and meat, in the first option the prices vary between 49 and 59 soles, in the seafood dishes the prices range from 79 soles to 198 soles and in the meat, the dishes have a value from 79 soles to 158 soles. Desserts are inevitable at Astrid & Gastón and have a value between 28 soles and 68 soles.

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