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Huma: this is the temple of the humitas in the heart of Miraflores

On Av. República de Panamá, in the Miraflores district, we find a small and cozy place where the smells guide one to enter and order something. This is Huma, the successful humitas brand that opened its horizons and faced a new challenge: opening its first store. More than two months after its opening, Advantage visited the cafeteria with Creole seasoning and we told you all about the delicacies that you can enjoy here.

This project was devised by Hessy Schuler and Gustavo Collantes, who in addition to being partners, are a couple. “I already had a company that sold humitas to some spaces, but Hessy encouraged me to offer them directly to the public and during the pandemic we decided to open our Instagram account. Luckily, people began to fall in love with our recipe and they began to spread the word and thus we began to have more and more clients”, recalls Gustavo.

But, over time, all the customers asked for a place to go to try the freshly made humitas. “It was always in our plans to open a space, but at the beginning it was complicated. Until one day Hessy tells me ‘hey now, we have to open the store’”, she says.

Thus, in January of this year they got their act together and started the project and a month later, in February, they were already inaugurating the space. “It was quite a challenge for us because we didn’t have any experience, but we did have the desire to learn and create something beautiful and enjoyable. We take care of the decoration and assembly of everything”, admits Hessy.

Gustavo Collantes and Hessy Schuler created Huma, a brand whose name rescues the oldest and most traditional way to refer to humitas.

Flavor and tradition in a single table

The menu of this cafeteria cannot be based solely on one product, however exquisite it may be. From this reflection was born the idea of ​​making itself known as a space with a Creole flavor, where those perfect bites are served to enjoy alone or with others, hot or cold, for lunch, lunch or dinner.

To begin with, the humitas are the stars of the menu. They are soft, tasty and the little corn with which they are prepared is felt in every bite. They currently have six flavors: white cheese or chicken humita, green chicken humita, yellow chili humita stuffed with chicken, rocoto humita stuffed with cheese, and sweet humita stuffed with manjar blanco and raisins. Our favourite? The one with yellow chili. It is unique in its style and it is as if they combined the basic humita dough with a chili pepper with its spicy and very Peruvian touch.

If you are a tamale lover, don’t worry, here they also offer the traditional version stuffed with chicken or pork, accompanied with their Creole sarsa. You cannot stop trying some of the sandwiches they offer: there are chicken or ham with cheese, served on a croissant, and you can also find the most forceful and succulent versions of bread with turkey, botifarra and bread with pork rinds. Without a doubt, turkey is a meat that they manage to cook to perfection and they serve you a crispy bite for the bread but juicy and with a lot of Creole taste for the protein.

To cool off they offer papaya, orange, strawberry and pineapple juices; soft drinks like chicha or emollient; and other drinks. Closing this banquet we find a dessert from yesteryear: the Peruvian churro filled with a forceful white delicacy and covered with its white sugar. Finally, we have as an option a decadent and moist chocolate cake that will have everyone fighting for the last bite.

Hearty turkey sandwich.


  • Huma has a store in Miraflores (Av. República de Panamá 5889, La Aurora). Its business hours are from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm and from 6 pm to 9 pm. On Sundays they are open from 8 am to 12 pm They have service in the lounge, to take away and delivery through WhatsApp (994134101), his own website and Rappi. The venue is pet friendly. Learn more about the brand on its Instagram account @humaperu.

Source: Elcomercio

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