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Siete Sopas: what dishes do you have and what is the new headquarters of the restaurant in Miraflores like?

Siete Sopas: what dishes do you have and what is the new headquarters of the restaurant in Miraflores like?

Siete Sopas: what dishes do you have and what is the new headquarters of the restaurant in Miraflores like?

It is not surprising the infinity of delicious dishes that exist in Peru. And, if we start to think about some kind of especially comforting food, soups are perhaps the preparation that we most associate with this concept. For this reason, six years ago, when Siete Sopas opened its doors and invited us to celebrate this type of food, there was no going back. The long queues that were made outside their different locations to try that Creole and homemade seasoning that characterizes them, were evidence of the success of their proposal. They recently opened a store in Miraflores and the Provecho team did not hesitate to visit it to find out what is on offer there.

The objective of this space is to publicize the great variety of soups that we can find in the Peruvian recipe book, so they chose to make a selection of seven options that are very different from each other but delicious and that each day a particular one is celebrated.

Mondays are for Shámbar, a hearty Trujillo soup that combines different types of meat with legumes and a thick broth full of flavour. Tuesdays are to enjoy head broth; Wednesdays are menestrón day, a very Peruvian adaptation of the Italian classic minestrone; Thursdays are the inevitable patasca, while Fridays are a typical soup from Huancayo and the Mantaro Valley: the Huallpa chupe. On Saturday they eat lamb broth and, to end the week in the best way, a good sancochado cannot be missing.

In each of these and the other preparations that we can find on the menu, the attention to detail is noticeable. From the peasant bread that accompanies the soups, which is prepared every day and is heated with its inevitable touch of butter, to the accompaniments with which the soups are served.

There are two of these preparations that, due to their fame and flavor, are part of the menu regardless of the day you visit the restaurant: chicken broth and Creole soup. The first is forceful, with a substantial broth, its inevitable thick noodle, yellow potato and boiled egg. They use red chicken and double breasted chicken for the prey that should accompany this dish, which they cook for three hours to obtain soft meat.

The second dish, as its name indicates, makes use of a Creole stew base to be combined with angel hair noodles, pieces of minced meat, a touch of milk and, of course, its inevitable mounted egg, whose yolk is broken and mix with everything to give it a unique flavor that you should try even once in your life.

Chicken soup.

Although, as its name indicates, the main thing here are the soups, they are not the only stews for which thousands of Peruvians congregate every day in any of its five locations in Lima. We can also find a tribute to popular Peruvian food with hearty and well-prepared options.

To start we find the canchangas stuffed with melted Andean cheese and ripe plantain. Freshly fried they are an unmissable delight and the combination of the saltiness of the cheese and the sweet touch of the plantain make each bite better than the last.

Chicken acevichado, one of the new dishes from Siete Sopas.

A new dish that can be found at the local miraflores and that completely conquered us is the golden chicken acevichado. As its name indicates, it is about generous pieces of tender chicken fried to perfection -they were so soft that we didn’t think it was chicken at first- that is accompanied with a sauce with lemon and onion, golden potatoes, corn, corn and a Criollo chili with the perfect point of spiciness.

You can also find the causa brava with pieces of chicken and stuffed with egg, tartar, tomato and avocado; the crispy stuffed potato; the cheese tequeños with guacamole and the chicken chicharrón with fries.

Another favorite, among the main dishes, is the broaster chicken with chaufa and French fries (which is known as monstrito in many places). The chicken is cooked to perfection and the crispy coating is tasty and does not separate from the meat, the chaufa has a perfect flavor and the potatoes go together very well.

Another favorite is the Chaufa al cylindrical, an even stronger version than the one already mentioned. Here, in addition to the classic rice, Chinese onion and egg, sausages, pork and cylinder chicken are combined. The smoky flavor is what can enchant one first, but the combination of these three meats is definitely perfect.

Chaufa to the cylinder

Other options include chicken saltado, chop or grilled churrasco with noodles a la huancaina or green noodles, respectively, and lomo saltado. Among the Creole dishes we can find uncovered rice with fried eggs, plantains and French fries, dried beef with beans and ají de gallina.

The experience seven soups has gone beyond the gastronomic theme and now, at the local mirafloresThey also offer some brand souvenirs for their biggest fans. You can find everything from a decoration known as the hen of abundance and happiness, pictures with illustrated classic recipes, puzzles, chickens and caps with curious phrases.


seven soups Miraflores (Av. Petit Thouars 5541) is open Monday through Sunday, from 9 am to 1 pm In addition, they have other stores at Av. Angamos 609, Av. Arequipa 2394, Av. Surco Cuadra 6 and at CC Plaza Norte. They also have a store at Av. Húsares de Junín Mz B, Lt. 5, Trujillo. You can learn more about his proposal on the Instagram profile @sietesopas.

Source: Elcomercio

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