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Lince: 10 of the best places to eat in the district with the most Creole flavor in Lima

Lince keeps small treasures of the Peruvian seasoning: huariques specialized in stews and at a good price; as well as regional cuisines that transfer their good flavor to the capital. But they are not the only options, Creole cuisine is present as well as saltados and Asian cuisine. Let’s take a look at all the district has to offer.


Tía Ceci left in 2014, but her dear friends (more than just clients) continue to visit her location in Canevaro in search of a plate of her famous chanfainita. She learned the recipe from an aunt, improved it, and now her family cares about maintaining and taking care of her legacy of good seasoning. In this huarique, classic chanfainita (with nickname and cancha) or its combos with noodles, huancaína potatoes and cebiche are served.

Address: Av. César Canevaro 537, Lince.


If you don’t know this restaurant yet, you are missing out on one of the bastions of traditional Creole cuisine. Founded by the remembered Teresa Izquierdo, matriarch with a big heart, and under the command of her daughter Elena, the guardian of her secrets and recipes, since 2011. The story begins in 1978 with a small place, with 6 to 7 tables and a bar. , where only traditional Peruvian desserts were offered. In 2018, the space was completely renovated but the menu is maintained with the Creole buffet that includes classics such as carapulcra, beans, cau cau, olluquito and sangrecita. From Monday to Sunday, dishes are offered with the menestra of the day (lentils, lima beans, chickpeas or beans).

Address: Jiron Bernardo Alcedo 363, Lince.


With 18 years in Lince, it has become one of the classic cevicherías in the city. Diners come in search of that Piura flavor that characterizes it, such as its popular ceviche with zarandaja. Behind the bar is the young chef Hans Gallardo, ready to serve up to 250 diners. In this restaurant you can enjoy a cause of crab, northern-style seafood rice, maja’o de yuca, duck rice and much more.

Address: Av. César Vallejo 1502. Lynx.


For more than 20 years, the intersection between José Leal and Garcilaso de la Vega has housed this huarique dedicated to Peruvian stews. Its traditional flavor and affordable prices characterize it. You can order cau cau, chanfainita or patita con maní with bread or rice, with coffee or chicha, or alone. As its name says, the king is the cau cau with a soft tripe and plenty of juice. A place with a lot of flavor.

Address: Av José Leal 690, Lynx.


The Arequipa picantera tradition traveled to the capital to give us the Lima version of La Benita. The family has been cooking for ten generations and keeping this tradition alive between fulling mills and stews. Here the typical Characato stews are rescued, revalued and preserved. The menu does not lack the solterito de queso or the rocoto relleno. In the background come the pork rinds, the double picantero (chicharrón, stuffed rocoto, whole potato and Creole sarza) and the triple arequipeño (chicharrón, stuffed rocoto, potato pie and pork trotter sarsa). What a treat!

Address: Av. Prolongación Iquitos 2364, Lince.


We continue with the regional tour and arrive in Chulucanas (Piura) by the hand of Pablo Abramonte who opened this restaurant – cebichería in 1997. At noon the doors open and green tamales, grouper cebiche and dry chabelo arrive at the table . Currently, Don Pablo’s sons are in charge and have introduced à la carte seafood dishes.

Address: Jiron Bernardo Alcedo 540, Lince.


From a small stand inside the Arenales Shopping Center, it has now grown within the mall. Behind the idea is the South Korean Juho Jeong who recommends trying the special dosirak (it has panko pork, makis, egg roll, sweet potato noodles, rice, chicken), chickenkasu (fried chicken bathed in a sweet sauce and melted mozzarella cheese above) and the traditional ramen soup. Korean food isn’t just for k-pop lovers, it’s for everyone.

Address: Interior 12 CD of the Arenales Shopping Center, Lince.


As its name says, the restaurant is dedicated to the best-known broths and soups of our cuisine. Each day a specific recipe is prepared: menestrón, wood-fired bean soup, patasca, broad bean chupe with roast strip, shambar and the forceful sancochado. Out of these, the most popular is the classic chicken broth (well concentrated and with great flavor). All soups are accompanied by a portion of country bread. The menu also offers Creole dishes and different cooked meats in various formats (churrasco, breaded meat sheet, Milanese or supreme), which can be accompanied with potatoes and rice, pasta or tacu tacu.

Address: Jirón Manuel Segura 137, Lince.


Stephany Delgado has traveled through Peru and visited different farms where she learned all the work behind a cup. She continues the tradition of her father Ramiro, a coffee farmer from Cutervo, who opened Rami Coffee Shop in front of the current location. The administrator is now in charge and has launched drinks based on Peruvian grains such as Café Loco (a kind of ice cream frappe made from coffee and mango, with a touch of carob) and Mosccino (a combination of aguaje and coffee). Over the years, it has become the coffee spot in the neighborhood.

Address: Calle Jirón Garcilaso de la Vega 2588, Lince.


A temple of wok and fire dedicated to lomo saltado that started from an idea: to offer all possible versions and accompaniments to lomo saltado. There are 5 ingredients for its preparation (prawns, chicken, rump, tenderloin and vegetables) and more than 10 ways of presentation (with tacu tacu, with chaufa, with huancaína-style noodles, with causa, with huancaína cream risotto, with cream chicken chili, with green noodles, etc). For vegans, there are 100% plant-based options in the form of causa, makis, and veggie lomo saltado (the main ingredient is shiitake mushrooms). The Japanese tradition is present in a large part of the menu with an assorted offer of makis, nigiris and sashimi; hot dishes such as yasaiitame and chicken katsu (breaded, with rice and huancaína) or soups from chicken ramen to Okinawa soba (concrete chicken, pork and kamaboko or fish cake broth).

Address: Ignacio Merino Avenue 2501, Lince.

Source: Elcomercio

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