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We may not be flying around on hoverboards just yet, but the future of travel holds many high-tech surprises, according to a new report.

Easyjet has unveiled its predictions for the next 50 years of travel – showing how we can enjoy holidays in the coming decades.

The groundbreaking report – prepared by a group of leading academics and futurists – predicts innovations in airport layouts, air travel, accommodation and vacation experiences.

For example, heartbeat passports as proof of identity could be the norm in the near future, according to EasyJet 2070: The Future Travel Report. The airline predicts these will replace the traditional type and instead include heartbeat signatures and biometric details to reduce queues at airports – similar to fingerprints and retinas.

This is what airports could look like in the future (Photo: PA)

The flying experience itself is also likely to become more enjoyable, as ergonomic and biomimetic sensory airplane seats could be widespread by 2070, experts say. These are made of intelligent materials that adapt to the body shape, height, weight and temperature of the passengers.

Likewise, in-flight movies can be shown right before our eyes through optoelectronic devices, replacing the need for in-flight movie services.

Airplane seats can finally be comfortable (Photo: PA)

As for the holiday season itself, Easyjet predicts that 3D-printed buffet meals will be available in hotels in the future to reduce food waste, as well as 3D-printed, recyclable holiday wear.

All hotel rooms will also have smart features – with exact mattress hardness, room temperature and music playlists tailored to each guest.

3D printed hotel food”, one of the predictions in easyJet 2070: The Future Travel Report.

Could your hotel buffet look something like this? (Photo: PA)
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Other future travel trends include “time travel” experiences – where individuals can vacation in the past by wearing haptic suits at historical sites, immersing themselves in a living historical setting.

It’s also predicted that “try before you buy” will be a thing thanks to the Bionic and Metaverse Christmas previews.

You can also navigate different countries on your own thanks to local-language in-ear devices that translate the local language in real time.

As part of the report, Britons were also asked to choose which of the experts’ predictions they would most like to see come true – with nine in ten (90%) saying they were excited or intrigued by what technological advancements in travel would look like in 50 years.

Travel predictions Britons would most like to see come true:

  1. “Time travel” vacation experiences through haptic suits that allow you to visit historical sites but see what life was like many years ago (ex: seeing the Colossus of Rhodes in 280 BC).
  2. Seamless airport security – with biometric heart rate passes.
  3. Underwater Sea Faris takes tourists on aquatic adventures to the depths of the ocean.
  4. Underground hotels built in the fabric of the earth that are super energy efficient and in harmony with the environment.
  5. Smart hotels with personalized holiday rooms that adapt to the needs and wishes of travelers upon arrival.
  6. In-ear devices will be available for holidays to translate the local language in real time and allow us to speak the local language.
  7. Try Before You Buy Bionic and Metaverse’s Vacation Preview offers vacationers a virtual experience that lets them see, hear, smell and feel a destination before booking.
  8. Ergonomic and biomimetic sensory aircraft seats that adapt to the passenger’s body shape, weight and temperature for ultimate comfort.
  9. 3D-printed hotel buffets that serve every all-inclusive breakfast, lunch, and dinner vacationers crave — and reduce food waste.
  10. In-flight entertainment beamed right into passengers’ eyes, eliminating the need to download pre-flight programs or have TV screens on board.

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