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Bárbara Mori in Lima: these were the dishes she tried during her visit to Pescados Capitales

Barbara Mori, the remembered protagonist of the Mexican telenovela “Rubí”, arrived in Lima to film “Mistura”, a film in which she plays a chef. And since her arrival, she has taken the opportunity to learn more about the national gastronomy. Together with a group of friends, she visited the Pescados Capitales restaurant, where she tasted ceviche and other seasonal dishes.

Barbara Mori in Pescados Capitales

The actress chose the vegetarian option on the menu, the Cebiche de Chacra, which, as detailed by Manuel Navarro, chef of Capital fishYes, it is a ceviche out of focus, made from vegetables with a creamy tofu leche de tigre. “We believe that although the world of cebiche is ruled by fish, it is always good to have options for vegetarians and we have given the classic mushroom cebiche a twist, so we present grilled vegetables such as artichokes, tomatoes, among others that are in season. They also have mushrooms and the leche tigre is very special because it is made from roasted tofu that has a rather peculiar flavor and a texture that is very similar to leche tigre”Navarro points out.

Visits like those of Barbara Mori It is an indicator for Manuel that the restaurant has a good position. “The good thing about these visits is that they don’t notify us, there is no commercial alliance, or marketing strategy, that means that each person chooses us and of course it fills us with pride,” says the chef.

The seasonal menu of Pescados Capitales

The restaurant, in addition to having a classic menu with dishes that are permanent, has a seasonal menu that is changed twice a year and where they introduce new techniques, products, etc., always taking into account the acceptance of the diner. In this sense, in this menu, which will be valid until July, they have three unmissable dishes:

Hot ceviche: It is an option made with the catch of the day, accompanied by crispy yuccas, corn, loche and hot leche de tigre with yellow chili. This dish costs 58 soles.

Muchame de bonito: “Bonito is a fish that in the summer becomes super meaty in season and has an affordable price, so it is good that many houses start using it. What we do is cure it and present it in the most classic way we can present it, with tomato, muchame, garlic oil, fried capers and avocado”, comments Manuel. This dish is accompanied with cookies to snack on. The price of this dish is 39 soles.

Saltado de pesca al tausí: this time it was croaker. “The fish goes through a super tasty frying, like a classic pork rind. Then everything goes to the wok and we finish it with a Middle Eastern touch, it is accompanied with fried rice”, says the chef. The cost of the dish is 89 soles.

The benefit of having a seasonal menu is being able to invite diners to dare to try new dishes, having a good rotation of the offer that also serves internally to map the future of the restaurant.

Innovation as the first option

Manuel Navarro assures that in Pescados Capitales they are constantly reinventing and innovating to face different crisis events, such as the use of fish in its entirety. “I have always said that fish should be seen as a carcass that is used from head to tail, it is important that people understand the message that eating fresh fish has a very important added value, in addition to nutritional value.” It is for this reason that they have considered using more fish.

In addition, it stands out that they have never trusted their positioning, on the contrary, they are always challenging themselves to continue in force in a city with so much offer. “In the country, maintaining a significant flow of public is a challenge for us.”


Where do you find it?

Address: Av. Mariscal La Mar 1337

Instagram: Capital Fish

Source: Elcomercio

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