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Easter eggs: 3 fantastic options with full chocolate to enjoy in Lima

This tradition, which dates back centuries, remains quite alive in the capital. The Easter It is one of the most beautiful times for boys and girls within the celebrations of the Easterthat’s why in Advantage We went through 3 options where delicious eggs and desserts for the family are offered to the public.

Along the way we found an extremely diverse and delicious catalog: small, medium and large Easter eggs; filled with abundant surprises and flavors; bunny cakes; brownies decorated with carrots; and dozens of colorful cookies that remind how fun this celebration is.

We visited Claribel, Scrap & Chocolates and La Panadería del Country and this is what we found:

1. Claribel

In his local La Mar, in Miraflores, Easter is celebrated with abundance. Close to celebrating 10 years of foundation, Claribel live this tradition with dozens of very diverse options among themselves and with a lot of chocolate. Here you will find boxes filled with themed cookies, bunny cakes filled with chocolate and fudge, beautiful shapes of carrots and manna eggs suitable for those allergic to chocolate, mini cupcakes, and much more.

“We have a wide catalog of super varied Easter products such as cookies, eggs of different sizes, manna eggs, red velvet or vanilla cakes with various fillings, buttercream or frosting, bathed in manjar. Also, cookies decorated with carrots, eggs or rabbits. Cupcakes and varieties of cakes that you can see on our page or catalog”, says the store manager, Jesús Chapman.

Jesús Chapman will receive them in Claribel and will take a tour with dozens of Easter treats.

In this cozy place they also offer Easter sweets for gifts such as the chocolate basket filled with eggs and manna carrots. Macarons of different colors or truffles and chocolate lollipops. Also, a whole egg stuffed with a moist chocolate cake and lentils. The cakes that Claribel offers for Easter are very striking due to their variety of designs, colors and flavors. The children, their main customers, enter the store very happy.

Claribel offers multiple options for Easter candy.

The Easter bunnies jump all over Claribel’s store as if chasing carrots of all kinds of flavors and sizes, as well as eggs and all the variety of sweets alluding to this party.


  • Location: Av. Mariscal La Mar 922, Miraflores
  • Orders: WhatsApp 960825262 / 970144713
  • Prices: Egg with bunny S/65, truffle cake S/170, chocolate eggs S/60. Find the catalog and prices on her Instagram account @claribel.deli
  • Instagram:

2. Scrap & Chocolate

Its delicious chocolates made with white cacao from Piura, from the La Quemazón area, have won several international competitions. This chocolate that melts immediately after entering the mouth, is prepared in Lima with the art of Carmen de Siancas from Piura, creator of the Scrap & Chocolates brand. Absolutely the entire process is handmade, from preparing the chocolate to the final presentation.

Carmen de Siancas was born in Piura and is the creator of the Scrap & Chocolates brand that works in partnership with her daughters.

Carmen de Siancas started at the chocolate shop about ten years ago. Her training is a nursing technician and as a hobby she liked to prepare chocolates to give away and sell to her Maternity colleagues. Over time, she specialized and investigated, and she found in Piura’s white cacao the ideal fruit to prepare her delicious creations.

“Investigating and testing, I came to know that the Cocoa and Chocolate Show was held in Peru. I traveled to Piura and found that my grandmother on my mother’s side planted cocoa in La Quemazón,” she tells us. That’s how she decided to carry out the venture Scrap & Chocolates in partnership with their daughters.

Its Easter eggs are made with white cacao from Piura, one of the finest in the world.

“Piura’s white cacao is one of the finest in the world,” says Carmen, proud of her products. “It has been recognized in Europe where cocoa contests are held and it has always occupied the top positions. The particularity of this fine grain is that its almonds, as its name suggests, are white”, whereas the cocoa that we normally know has purple almonds. “What does the white almond contribute to a fine chocolate? It is so soft that it provides notes of nuts, brown sugar, flowers, fruit, they are soft, no matter how high the percentage of cocoa you find in a bar, it will not taste bitter, it will be subtle. Up to 85% can be eaten pure”, affirms the creator of the brand.

The cocoa grinding process takes 36 hours to become the chocolate offered by Scrap & Chocolates.

For Easter they have beautiful presentations of individual eggs and premium boxes with eggs wrapped in fabrics in the shape of limited edition bunny ears. There are 4 flavors: milk chocolate with almonds, mint, freeze-dried strawberry and an incredible salted caramel. Her daughter, Adela Siancas, is in charge of the designs to wrap the delicious eggs and keep them rigorously stored. She herself wraps them one by one. They have two presentations: individual eggs wrapped in an eco-friendly napkin so that when the children or adults who eat the egg are finished, they can be easily cleaned. And some premium boxes with the 4 flavors wrapped in handmade cloth.

For Easter they have beautiful presentations of individual eggs and premium boxes with eggs wrapped in fabrics in the shape of limited edition bunny ears.

How to order them?

  • Orders: WhatsApp 978202919 or through your Instagram account @scrap_chocolates
  • They are also for sale at the store. The Cocoa Plantationat Jr. Colina 111, Barranco
  • Prices: the box of premium eggs S / 70, eggs per unit S / 12

3. The Country Bakery

Since 2019, The Country Bakery It carries out the Easter eggs and sweets campaign, which is in great demand by boys and girls. In this place with a terrace, ideal for breakfast or lunch, you will find small, medium and very large stuffed eggs, such as the marbled one that without filling weighs 500 grams of pure chocolate. “We have Easter eggs of different sizes, a pack of mini eggs and individual ones. At the same time, we offer Easter cookies and Easter muffins”, says Danny Rojas, executive chef of the Country Club Lima Hotel.

Vanesa Morales, head pastry chef, shows us the preparation and all the products that go into the largest Easter egg in the store.

“This year we have opted for the marbled option. We have a half-kilo egg with a bitter couverture filled with plenty of marshmallow, candied almonds, Vicio chocolate, apricot praline, almond praline, another little egg that in turn is filled with lentils, and a gold-painted chocolate rabbit,” he details. Vanesa Morales, pastry chef.

Danny Rojas, executive chef of the Country Club Lima Hotel.

In addition to the Easter cupcakes, eggs and cookies that adorn the entire store, La Panadería del Country offers its menu with showcase desserts, sandwiches, cookies, à la carte dishes, salads, soups, pastas, pizzas and more.

Without a doubt, these Easter seasons are full of quite diverse and delicious options for children and adults.


  • Location: Calle los Eucaliptos 590, San Isidro
  • Orders: 998191236
  • Prices: Large Easter egg S/ 45, themed cupcake S/ 10, pack of 4 cookies S/ 24
  • Instagram:

Source: Elcomercio

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