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The magic of the best lomo saltado expands: What to try at the new Doomo Saltado location in Surco?

We detected that the southern zone (San Borja, Surquillo, San Juan de Miraflores and Surco) represented 25% of sales. It is the first point that we are attacking at the expansion level”, explains Edinho Hayashida, current manager of the restaurant. His next point of interest is Lima Norte and, with these three areas in Lima covered, he could think of growing nationwide. But we go one step at a time. Let’s sit at the table, the first floor has a covered terrace, in the new southern headquarters.

“We are always trying to innovate lomo saltado”says Hayashida. Many times, new dishes arise from listening to diners and trying their favorite combinations; It was the case of the causa with lomo saltado and the green noodle with loin. Of course, for the winter menu they are exploring new options.

In particular, customers from the Surco area were looking for more variety in their starters and a little more Nikkei flavour. This is how the wok cebiche arrived (the fish is prepared sautéed -which gives it a smoky touch- and is served with tiradito sauce). For starters, there are baos (chicharrón, shrimp, pork and crispy chicken); makis (7 varieties, the acebichada is the favorite); gyozas in tiradito sauce or tequeños (also with different fillings) to name a few options.

A good wok and time control are key to preparing a good saltado.

In terms of funds, the classic saltado -be careful: you can choose between rump, chicken, flat iron or veggie- is always among the top 3 favorites, followed by tenderloin with huancaína and lo pobre. A new favourite, especially in delivery, is their hamburger. With a Nikkei twist, there’s the stir-fried ramen and the tenderloin batayaki. Complete the experience in Doomo Saltado with a dessert (chocolate cake or picarones) and ice tea drinks (such as red fruit or mango and mint).

The cocktail bar is another point to explore.  On the left, Polynesia (with Zacapa 12 rum, orange liqueur, grapefruit juice and cinnamon syrup) and Kyuriosity (vodka and apple vodka, lemon juice, kyuri extract and green apple syrup).

Although the lomo saltado recipe is simple, in the restaurant they care about the details to make the visit a special experience. For the dish to come out at its ideal point, Edinho looks for: the best wok, strong gas pressure, precise timing, well-sealed meat and a balance between salty and umami. “It may be a simple combination of ingredients and technique; but it has its magic”, he details.

They are always looking to improve their service and cooking, which is why they recently changed their thin loin cut for the flat iron: “It is a cut with a lot of intramuscular fat. We decided to change it because the thin loin is very lean and this cut gives the punch that the lomo saltado requires”, adds the mind behind Doomo. In addition, they use Certified Angus Beef meat.

Since he joined the team in 2017, Edinho Hayashida not only wants the company to grow (processes have been standardized and a production plant opened) but also for the same to happen with the team by conducting training; in addition to giving back to society. This is seen in his commitment to both education and the environment.

In the first case, due to its link with Enseña Perú which, last year, became the donation of a library to a school in Ventanilla with the help of its clients. For this year, they hope to replicate the campaign and support another school.

In the second case, they work from delivery (which represents 18% of their sales) by using the least amount of plastic (the containers are made from plants) and with conscious waste management by Sinba. In addition, they plan to become a carbon neutral company; that is, having zero impact on the environment. It is your turn to visit and try the Doomo experience.

More information

Address: Av. Caminos del Inca 1418, Surco.

Schedule: From Sunday to Thursday, from 12 m. to 10 pm Friday and Saturday until 11 pm

Bookings: 983 570 687.

IG: @doomosaltado

They have parking and valet parking.

Source: Elcomercio

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