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Picarones at home: the simplest recipe to prepare this classic for National Holidays

In Advantage We believe that one of the best ways to celebrate National Holidays is with a banquet full of delicious dishes from our gastronomy. And, if it is about desserts, we usually go for a classic rice pudding or perhaps a purple porridge. But have you ever tried to prepare picarones at home? If, like us, you are a lover of this crunchy, soft and sweet delicacy, you cannot miss this recipe that, with a few steps to follow, shows us how to prepare them at home and win over diners.

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Peel the sweet potatoes, crush them and mix them with the pumpkin, also crushed, until they form a dough. Allow to cool and mix with the wheat and corn flour, salt and chicha. Beat everything very well with your hands for 30 minutes, until the dough comes off on its own. Next, cover with a napkin and let rest for three hours. After this time, heat plenty of oil in a pot, moisten a hand in salted water and take a little dough with it.

Then, drop the dough into the oil and form a small bagel. Fry several dough rings and when they are ready, remove the picarones from the oil with the help of a cane stick. Drain and serve immediately. To prepare the honey, cook all the ingredients together, over low heat, for 45 minutes, until soft.

Source: Elcomercio

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