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The pisco route: 6 expert places in the national drink


Juan José Jesús Benítez, Head bartender, explains that in Carnival they have created “The Pisco Program”, where a meticulous selection has been made of each Pisco that enters the bar. Here you will find Piscos from the five Pisco regions, the three types of Pisco and the eight Pisco grapes.

We have just launched Last Call, our farewell letter to Alchemy III, which was our last signature cocktail menu inspired by Classic Cocktails of the World. In Last Call you can find La Diablada, a cocktail that belonged to Alquimia II inspired by the Oruro carnival, it is made with Pisco Moscatel, whiskey, golden aguaymanto, chicha morada and lulo”adds Juan José Jesús Benítez.

Carnival Pisco Punch.


  • Prices: between 40 to 48 soles.
  • Address: Av. Pardo y Aliaga 282. San Isidro.

Tailor shop:

The bar founded by Diego Macedo Fernández works with pisco from the beginning and they have many techniques, how to re-distill pisco with 75% chocolate. In this space you can find cocktails like the Remus, made with Pisco with chocolate, distilled from hazelnuts and toffee, custard apple rosolio, cedron hydrosol, macambo bitter.

"On the nose, the olfactory notes of the selected grape predominate. It has to be velvety in the mouth, go smoothly," says Diego Macedo about the pisco.


  • Prices: from 55 soles
  • Address: Av. Mariscal La Mar 1263, Miraflores

tambo house

Casa Tambo is a colonial-style house, where upon entering you will be teleported to the Lima of yesteryear. “We have two bars with different proposals that we manage inside Casa Tambo. You can find the emblematic Brick Cocktail of the Restobar Plaza Mercado – Casa Tambo, which is a combination of Pisco, pink Guava, passion fruit and amaro. On the other hand, we have the Grappes on Grappes cocktail in the bar in Lima, which contains a combination of mistelas, Pisco Quebranta, and chocolate bitters in its composition.” explains Marcos Blas Valverde Ponce, head of beverages.

"A good Pisco can be recognized by sight. This pisco does not have to have any kind of particle that can drag from the distillation. The pisco has to be completely crystalline. In the mouth you have to feel all the characteristic fruit depending on the variety of grape that you are tasting", indicates Marco Blas Valverde.


  • Prices: between 26 to 36 soles.
  • Address: Jirón de la Unión 1066, Cercado de Lima.


Limaná has just launched a new 310K menu dedicated exclusively to our flagship drink: the Peruvian pisco. “As part of its focus on sustainability, Limaná works with select suppliers that are aligned with its purpose of contributing to the well-being of the planet and people,” explains Edward Albino, Limaná’s bartender.

One of the cocktails that we should not miss trying is the Refreshing Thyme and Apple, an aromatic and fruity drink, with citrus notes, based on Mosto Verde Quebranta pisco infused with apple and thyme. “It has a touch of coconut water, it provides a very pleasant and refreshing silky texture”adds Albino.

“A good pisco is recognized by its aroma, you can recognize the grape notes in its different varieties.  It has body on the palate, it feels soft on the palate and even has a degree of creaminess that sets it apart from any other distillate in the world, due to the fact that it is a pure drink, which has not been mixed to control the alcoholic degree, as occurs with other spirits”, explains Edward Albino, Limaná's bartender.


Prices: The new 310K letter from Limaná has prices that range between S/38 and S/45.

Address: Av. Pérez Araníbar 2011, San Isidro.


The comfort food restaurant has a large bar where they present distillates and pisco is one of them. “At Franklin we have a special selection of pisco labels, each one of them has been chosen for its flavor and quality. We offer the public not only those that are best known but also those like Mollar and Albilla. In addition to this, we usually offer our guests their drinks with the same strain but from different wineries, this means that they can live an incredible experience because they realize that each brand seeks to give their bottle of pisco a different identity. If you approach the bar, you will notice that our labels are precisely in the corner, the corner of the pisco”explains Roger Álvarez Lug, Bar Manager.

If you want to try pisco cocktails in Franklin, some options are the Pisco Sour with the Franklin-style presentation, the Pisco chilcano with its different strains, and the Capitán, which also has a blend of vermouths that highlights the benefits of pisco.

Franklin's Pisco Sour.  (Photo: Franklin)


  • Price: From 38 soles
  • Addresses: Av. Álvarez Calderón 198, San Isidro, and El Polo 670, Santiago de Surco.


This classic and signature cocktail bar; They have classic pisco-based cocktails on the menu in order to make them known, but they also have innovations, such as the Normandica, which is a version of Captain, so called because they use herbal liqueur made in France, specifically in Normandy and Pisco (made in Ica). For this reason, we combined both cities and chose the name Normandica.

Due to the location of the bar, it has somehow allowed us to have a lot of contact with the foreign public and the first thing they want to try on their visit to the Bar is the Pisco Sour. For this reason, we have a variety of piscos, and we have prepared our own version of pisco sour based on 2 pisco vines. In addition, we have created a version of Captain called Normandica and some classics like Pisco punch and Chilcano”, explains John Eder Rojas Espino, Head Bartender.

normandic  (Photo: BIJOU)


  • Prices: from 40 soles
  • Address: Camphores 463 interior E-1 Miraflores

Source: Elcomercio

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