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Strategies that will help you boost your entrepreneurship in National Holidays

Are national holidays are special because we commemorate our Bicentennial, the 200 years of our independence. In addition, this month is one of the seasons in which people spend the most, precisely on the occasion of celebrating this date.

According to Claudia Cieza, professor of the Marketing and Innovation career at the University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America (UCAL), Peruvians tend to spend an average of S /. 433 this month, mainly in retail purchases and travel, which is why July represents a great opportunity for companies looking to position their brand, attract more consumers and have better income.

The digital environment provides the space for products or services to be linked to the concept of Peru and national pride, which makes people feel identified and proud of having something that reflects their feelings, says the UCAL specialist.

Therefore, the expert points out that there are some strategies that companies can consider to connect with the public, generate a greater impact and boost business profits.

  • Online sales channel: Having an online sales channel is a good alternative because it provides customers with greater comfort and ease in the purchasing process and the investment is lower. Likewise, the online store can be available 24 hours a day, offering more products, without time and space limits. In Peru, according to the Electronic Commerce area of ​​the Lima Chamber of Commerce, it indicates that 40% of Peruvian businesses sell through digital channels such as web pages and social networks (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp).
  • Use social networks: Social networks have become one of the channels most used by brands. It is said that one of the most used social networks is Facebook, as of January 2021, around 26 million Peruvians have an active account on this social network. Therefore, if you are thinking of launching promotions related to the festivities of the national month, you can choose to carry out a campaign on social networks. While Instagram has just under 6 million active accounts in our country.
  • Emailing campaigns: Emailing or sending mail is the perfect strategy for your company to communicate easily and directly with your customers, since it is a communication channel in which users are prone to having affinity, because they use emails daily , either for work, studies or personal use. In addition, it is a means that generates trust with the brand by having direct contact.
  • Value content: Increasing valuable content on social networks is necessary so that the audience continues to receive, in one way or another, what they expect to see from them in this context and, thus, maintain the engagement of all its target audience, achieving potential growth in interactions, resulting in the positioning of the brand.
  • Generate strategic alliances: You can rely on other brands with which you share the same interests and that have greater followers or reach your niche. For example, you can create stories, reels, or broadcast from that brand’s location. These actions will allow you to reach more people, giving your business credibility and support. In addition, this kind of barter will allow this brand to share your publications.

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