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Winter basics that will make your bedroom a warmer place | PHOTOS

It is winter It surprises us with much colder days, for this reason, it is important to look for news for the bedroom that allow us to make this season a much warmer time.

The colors used in this private space should provide warmth. As well as staples with a variety of colors consisting of warm, cool and neutral hues. The Casaideas stores show us which are those that should not be missing in our most personal space.

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1. Feathers. Essential to stay warm in the bedroom, they come in different presentations such as feather down, double down with microfiber cover and fill, and hollow down with cotton cover and polyester fiber fill.

In addition, you can find many designs and colors for the down covers, which allows you to vary and not fall into monotony, washing and drying is done in less time.

2. Covers with back of lamb. The plain and patterned designs make them more original, and the reverse side allows you to have only the coverlet to be warm in winter, thus acquiring a modern and useful accessory.

3. Shawls. To complement the bedroom or cover up in time of relaxation, polyester shawls are useful to keep warm.

4. Backups. To decorate the bed and be more comfortable when resting or working with the laptop, the backrests give a special touch to the bedroom, sofa cushions, ideal for reading, as well as pillows and cushions with unusual designs.

5. Bed tables. Useful for having breakfast in bed and avoiding the cold, especially on rest Sundays.

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