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5 cooking recipe apps that you should download right now

If in this quarantine you have discovered your passion for cooking, here are some applications in which you can consult and learn great recipes and include them in your list of favorite dishes. Get to know them and surprise your loved ones.

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1. Healthy recipes. Starters, seconds, desserts and appetizers made in a healthy and natural way are explained in detail and in a simple way

2. Kitchen stories. This application has recipes for all tastes from easy, classic to more elaborate and sophisticated, explained in a video tutorial. Really unmissable for those who want to learn to cook.

3. VegMenou. This application presents the vegetarian version of the best known Italian dishes, and more. Without a doubt a novel option.

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4. Tasty. You find it on social networks, but also as an app, as you already know, its recipes are easy and loaded with a lot of flavor. No one can resist the dishes made at Tasty.

5. Peruvian food recipes. If you want to take advantage of this quarantine to surprise your family by preparing Peruvian dishes, in this app you will find all the recipes.

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