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Coffee time… ice cream: a guide with 5 cold drinks you should try

little hulk

Curious alternative with a striking color resulting from the combination of flavors. This drink can be enjoyed at the Cafeteadora Bar. It is an option that is prepared with ginger ale, mint liqueur and a delicious cold brew. The profile is refreshing, smooth and with the right touch of sweet.

Fact: Cafe Bar is located at Jr. Arrieta 127, Pueblo Libre. Learn more about their proposal on the Instagram profile @barracafeteadora.

Very tropical

Café de Lima offers some really original versions when it comes to cold brew coffee. An explosion of fruity flavors is what they offer with this drink, which combines cold extracted coffee (known as cold brew), Jamaican infusion, spice syrup and pineapple.

Fact: Café de Lima has two locations in Miraflores (Angamos Oeste 1003 // Av. 28 de Julio 888). Discover everything about their proposal on Instagram @cafedelima.

Orange Cold Brew – Comadre Café

If these are options that have gained fame in recent times, the combination of cold drawn coffee and fresh orange juice is one of the most important. Comadre Café, a specialty coffee shop, offers one of the best versions, achieving an unmissable balance of flavors.

Fact: You can visit Comadre Café at Av. Cipriano Dulante 1612, Pueblo Libre. On his Instagram profile (

Iced Latte

One of the cold classics with coffee is the latte. At Inusual they take advantage of their delicious Pichanaki coffee to prepare this drink that includes espresso, cold milk and ice. You can opt for plant-based oat milk or serve it with sweet caramel or hazelnut sauces.

Fact: Inusual Café is located in Barranco (Jr. Batalla de Junín 358). On their Instagram profile ( you can learn everything about what they offer.

Purple Coffee

The name of this option is due to the curious color it has, thanks to the combination of orange juice, cold brew and an artisanal reduction of strawberries and blueberries. If you want to try this signature drink, prepared with a coffee direct from Cajamarca, you must visit Cosecha Coffee.

Fact: Cosecha is located in Barranco (Av. San Martín 207) and in Jesús María (Av. Horacio Urteaga 1180). Visit their Instagram page @cosecha.peru and discover their news.

Source: Elcomercio

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