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Valentine’s Day: do you want to give something sweet and healthy? We recommend five options

Nothing shows love for a partner or a friend more than a sweet and romantic detail. In this note, we share a selection of brands that offer healthy but delicious products, perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts. Take note.

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita was born from the passion for baking of Katherine Dextre, who graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Business Administration, and she created this venture as a university project that has become “a reality that transforms the perception of desserts.”

At Dolce Vita we firmly believe that delicious and healthy can go hand in hand. Our approach is based on taking advantage of the nutritional properties of natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. “This combination allows us to create desserts that are not only irresistibly tasty, but also nutritious and completely natural.”Katherine adds.

Healthy desserts from Dolce Vita.

This year, as they explain, they decided to convey the love they have for Dolce Vita in their cakes, which is why they have been decorated with a Valentine’s theme. Likewise, they have launched a Valentine’s Day Box with your favorite personal desserts, definitely the perfect gift for someone you love.

  • Price: from 40 soles
  • Contact: Whatsapp: 902109566


This vegan bakery is renewed this year with themed and vintage cakes perfect for gifting on Valentine’s Day, they have healthy options with cashew frosting, as well as options made with gluten-free flours.

“Our healthy line uses integral inputs and supports the small farmer. We do not use inputs of animal origin or derivatives. From our space we want to offer and show everyone that we can enjoy different types of delicious desserts made with ingredients free of animal suffering.”adds Betsy Barzola, founder of Ekosana.

Healthy desserts from Ekosana.
Healthy desserts from Ekosana.

Some options are Lunch cakes (small cake with two portions) with different decorations, for example, that have a secret message. As for the flavors, you can choose vanilla filled with berry jam, cocoa filled with berry jam or fudge, and the favorite of many: Red velvet.

If you are looking for something more traditional or elegant, you can opt for Vintage Heart cakes. “They are made from whole wheat flour sweetened with brown sugar; decorated with vegan buttercream,” adds Betsy.

And if your loved one enjoys chocolate, you can give them a box of date chocolates, filled with almonds and peanut butter; dipped in 70% chocolate

  • Price: from 40 soles
  • Contact: WhatsApp 945 103 880 or Instagram @ekosana.postresveganos

From home

DeCasa started as a hobby during the pandemic, however, over time, its founder Ana María experimented with healthy desserts, including vegan ones. “After more than a year of carrying out many tests, I relaunched the brand with the new concept of healthy desserts, which included gluten-free and vegan desserts, and a defined menu with a variety of these desserts. For 2022 we launch a rebranding under this new concept”Add.

Healthy Desserts from DeCasa.
Healthy Desserts from DeCasa.

In addition, we have now made all desserts gluten-free, for which we currently exclusively use almond and rice flour, and ingredients that may not contain gluten, as a precaution and safety measure, to avoid cross-contamination by gluten. And now we also have a greater variety of desserts for diabetics and vegans,” he says.

For Valentine’s Day they have a menu with limited edition desserts, all gluten-free, with the option to choose whether they are plant based and/or sugar-free for diabetics, among which options for all people who are vegan or those who are lactose intolerant are: Raspberry alfajor cake, which is double filled with coconut and raspberry delicacy; Tiny cakes, which are perfect pancakes as a little detail, minimalist and flirty; Sweetcups, decorated cupcake cups, inspired by the famous Sweethearts candies; and finally, a wooden box that contains brownies, alfajores, chocochips cookies, a jar of strawberry cheesecake and more.

  • Price: from 80 soles
  • Contact: 955 265 145

Livin bites

This vegan brand by Vanessa Mirabal was born in 2019, and since that date it has been creating creative and delicious desserts. “Our purpose is to create sweet moments to share and make you fall in love with us from the first bite. We share the philosophy that you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy our flavors and delicious homemade combinations.”adds Vanessa.

For Valentine’s Day, they have prepared a pack that combines the two most romantic things, “strawberries and chocolate.” “The pack contains two brownies with charades topping, two chocolate bonbons, one 70% cocoa and the other white, both filled with hazelnuts, a tartlet filled with strawberry mousse and two strawberries dipped in white chocolate could not be missing,” comments.

Vegan desserts from Livin Bites.
Vegan desserts from Livin Bites.

Additionally, with your purchase, 20% of the profits will be donated to a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates abandoned kittens. That is, a gift with a purpose.

  • Price: 45 soles
  • Contact: 922 301 376


Mónica Hidalgo created Organicland during the pandemic after closing a store and losing a design project. “That time during the pandemic, I self-taught techniques and more flavors, but I realized that there was an audience that wanted personalized cakes, new trends in designs, and I applied a lot of what I learned in fine arts in painting courses that I took,” Add.

Organicland themed cake.

Currently, in addition to selling personalized cakes, Mónica teaches cake design to entrepreneurial women so that they can include vegan and healthy options in their brands.

For Valentine’s Day they will offer cakes of different designs, personal minicakes, boxes and snacks. In addition, they will have a couple’s pack, where they can decorate a mini cake.

  • Price: from 80 soles
  • Contact: 922 242 539

Source: Elcomercio

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