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Coffee against the heat: ten cold brew drinks that you should try this summer | GUIDE

In addition, the way of extraction gives the drink “an intense chocolatey perception and a medium acidity that work well for preparing creative drinks with alcohol or fruits,” says Jory Tineo. For this reason, in specialty coffee shops we find that cold brew is the main input for various creations with orange, hibiscus, passion fruit, ginger ale, pisco, rum, among other ingredients that do not overshadow the flavor of this extraction.

Another attribute of cold brew is that it does not require coffee makers or sophisticated equipment to prepare it. You can use the Toddy, which is a method in which the drink is prepared by immersion, introducing ground coffee and cold water for 8 to 24 hours, but you can also use cloth or paper filters to sift sediments, explains Jory, who will give a workshop on the use of artisanal coffee extraction methods and cold brew preparation on Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd at the Huella y Aroma cafeteria, in San Isidro.

Given the boom of cold brew in various specialty coffee shops in Lima, here we leave you 10 drinks in which baristas have poured their creativity to combine this cold coffee extraction with various ingredients. Don’t miss out on enjoying them!

The La Micaela cafeteria has made this drink with milk, a scoop of artisanal ice cream and cold brew extracted for 12 hours. The coffee used is a blend of two origins: Villa Rica from Chacra D’Dago and Cusco from producer Edwin Quea.

Address: Av. Micaela Bastidas 908, Comas.

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Cardinal Café has created this drink with grapefruit soda and cold brew made with a blend from producer Ebert Huamán from Finca Artemira, located in the province of San Ignacio, Cajamarca region.

Address: Av. Angamos Oeste 567, Miraflores.

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Jamaica flower with orange

Finca Grandez, a specialty coffee shop owned by a family of coffee growers from the Amazonas region, has created this recipe that uses hibiscus flower syrup, orange juice, ginger ale and cold brew extracted from a Catimor variety coffee produced in the Rodríguez province. from Mendoza.

Address: José Antonio Encinas 184, Pueblo Libre.

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The Habitual Café cafeteria has this sweet and fruity drink option made with mango reduction, ice and cold brew made with coffee of the Obatá variety from the producer Emilia Pillpe from the province of Chanchamayo, Junín region, infused for 12 hours.

Address: 314 Carlos Vidal Street, Pueblo Libre.

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A drink created by the Master Coffee cafeteria. It has hibiscus syrup (hibiscus flower), red prickly pear puree, tonic water, plenty of ice and cold brew concentrate of Ayacuchano coffee produced by coffee farmer Freddy Tineo on the El Colibrí farm.


Av. Arequipa 2545 – Lince

Av. Samuel Alcázar 448 – Rimac

301 Vesta Street – Rímac

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Café Link, a café that works with producers who carry out sustainable practices with the environment, has on its menu this drink with orange juice, ice and cold brew made with coffee from the producer Hilda Huamán from the district of Jepelacio, province of Moyobamba (San Martin).

Address: Av. Aviación 4680, Surco.

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The Aera Café cafeteria has created this drink with lemonade, rubber syrup, ice, ginger and cold brew extracted for 24 hours and made with a blend of the Caturra, Catuaí, Limaní and Gran Colombia varieties from producer Waldemar Marín from Villa Rica (Pasco). ).

Address: Barranquilla 341, Pueblo Libre

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The Coffee Bar has as its star drink of the summer this preparation made from mint syrup, ginger ale and cold brew made with coffee in a natural process of

the Cafesazo brand. “This cold drink was born together with the Cafeteadora Bar as a way to continue promoting coffee consumption in summer,” says Omar Moreno, known as El Cafeteador and owner of this cafeteria. It also has a version with pisco that you can order as Hulkcito Malogrado.

Address: Jirón Arrieta 127, Pueblo Libre.

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The Huella y Aroma cafeteria has made this cocktail with mint leaves, sugar, lemon cut into pieces, white rum, ginger ale, ice and cold brew made with coffee from producer Martín Gutiérrez from the province of Satipo (Junín). “The original recipe for the mojito is with carbonated water, but I think it overshadows the cold brew, so I replaced it with ginger ale,” says barista Jory Tineo.


Av. Dos de Mayo 357, San Isidro

Av. Aviación 3298, San Borja

Av. Aviación 4923, Surco

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Franqueza Coffee has this refreshing option made with lemon slices, tonic water, ice and cold brew made with a blend of the Tupi, Obata and Catuaí varieties from the Chacra D’Dago farm in Villa Rica (Pasco).

Address: CC Plaza San Miguel.

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Workshop on filtering methods and cold brew preparation with barista Jory Tineo.

More information: 925 759 891.

Address: Footprint and Aroma (Av. Dos de Mayo 457, San Isidro).

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