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Saya restaurant: this is the new thing that the bistro in the center of San Isidro offers

Provecho spoke with the chef in charge, David Mayorga, who told us what was new about Skirtas well as the secrets of the bistro restaurant located on Calle 4 of Avenida Libertadores in the center of San Isidro.

Upon arriving at the place, a feeling of warmth draws a lot of attention, as well as the instrumental sound that completes the sophisticated and delicate touch of the place. We were located on the terrace, a different space overlooking Sanisidrina Street.

Eggplant & Miso: slow roasted with miso, peanuts and honey;  served with tzatziki, chickpeas and peppers.

A short menu attracts attention, chef David Mayorga explains to us that this is based on the fact that the public will always have fresh food, with ingredients that are little manipulated in the kitchen. “What we are looking for is to sell quality, because the main people responsible for the menu are not the chefs, but rather the suppliers, the fisherman and those who bring the inputs day by day.“, he says.

A snack arrives to start the night, Eggplant & miso, which was slow roasted with miso, peanuts and honey, served with tzatziki, chickpeas and peppers. Good choice for the first part of our stay.

As a starter, chef Mayorga offers us something fresh and this is a Ceviche made with the catch of the day, corn, corn and sweet potato, as well as some Garlic Prawns, sautéed with garlic, white wine, dried chili and parsley.

Something peculiar that caught our attention was the roast beef salad, an also fresh appetizer made with seared fine loin, mesclun leaves, bacon, corn, avocado, cherry tomato, peppers and croutons. All this accompanied by a different dressing, which according to chef Mayorga contains Greek yogurt, lemon, olive oil and a little cucumber juice.

The chef’s recommendation also makes us try the Salmon Tartar, a dish made with fresh salmon, onion, cucumber, apple, avocado and served with fine toast. “Both the tartare and the sweetbreads are highly requested dishes, and dishes in which we reaffirm our commitment to not manipulate the products, without altering them and presenting them with the best possible quality,” he says.

Ceviche made with the catch of the day, corn, corn and sweet potato.  Garlic prawns, sautéed with garlic, white wine, dried chili and parsley and Beef sweetbreads with mustard, crispy and tender inside, with green apple puree and mustard sauce.

For the main dish, he recommends a Steak Frites, grilled thin loin steak with hunter sauce and mushrooms. Accompanied with a basket of fries. This meal full of flavors and enough salt to enjoy both is undoubtedly a safe option for many. Just like the Seared Salmon, which with its crispy skin, accompanied by cauliflower puree and baked vegetables, reinforces what Chef Mayorga said during this interview.

For dessert, the chef in charge recommends a Chocolate volcano, very noble dessert that requires about 15 minutes prior to delivery because Mayorga remembers that it is raw with baking in the oven. This is accompanied by artisanal vanilla ice cream. He also details that his bet is on growing with gourmet snacks. “What we want and what we are developing is our line of gourmet snacks, for example, in the savory area and to be able to present panko prawns, chicken canapés, skewers, slightly more elaborate sandwiches.”Lozada concludes.

Chocolate volcano with a liquid center, served with vanilla ice cream and red fruit coulis.

Also as an option we have the crème brûlée, classic vanilla with a caramel and blueberry crust or a delicious tiramisu, which is usually served in a glass but Mayorga was encouraged to deconstruct the dessert a little and make it on a plate, in elegant, not so cloying tableware.

During our visit we couldn’t stop talking about Saya’s drinks menu, which highlights the popular drink that bears the same name as the bistro, made with green tall sugar cane, matacuy, pineapple, lime syrup and ginger beer. . Just like him Negroni, which has tankray dry, cynar, cocchi vermouth, campari and maras salt. These were undoubtedly the best drinks in the place and perfectly accompanied the idea that Mayorga wants to convey in Saya.

Saya made with tall green cane, Matacuy, pineapple, lime syrup and ginger beer



Saya Restaurante is located in C. Los Libertadores 490, San Isidro.

Learn more about his letter or on his Instagram (@ sayarestaurante)

Source: Elcomercio

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