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First time in the kitchen? These are the typical mistakes that every new pastry chef should avoid, according to Sandra Plevisani

It is not considered a influence not at all, but he does believe that he has inspired many people to dedicate themselves to pastry despite not having had a professional training, as is his case. Sandra Plevisani It is an institution when it comes to the art of making sweets, and it is supported by the almost 17 years that it has been on television, sharing its knowledge and the different books it has released. In these difficult times, confectionery has become a kind of comfort and happiness zone for more than one and for that reason, Advantage He asked Plevisani what the 10 basic tips are for everyone interested in preparing desserts.

If I have to confess something, it is that one of my greatest passions is cooking, especially cooking. cake shop. Thus, with 9 years of age, I ventured to prepare my first meals and desserts and one of the first names I met was that of Sandra Plevisani. My mom bought some of her books and I remember the hours I spent reading them, reviewing the appetizing photos, and dreaming of preparing one of those delicacies. Years later, I can say that I know how to prepare a good custard cream, which brownies They are delicious and I prepare some biscuits that conquer anyone. Precisely because I learned a lot by watching her on television and preparing her recipes, I considered that her voice could encourage more than one to try their luck in the kitchen preparing dessert.

Here are the 10 tips I got from the conversation with Plevisani.

1. “The person who is dedicated to baking must have passion”Says Sandra. And it is totally true. This is not only noticeable in an appetizing and well decorated final product, but also in the process, because as we all know, baking is based on accuracy and that requires an effort on the part of the confectioner.

2. It is important have all the necessary ingredients and molds or containers on hand. A good idea is to review the recipe the day before and do the shopping to have everything ready.

3. the cleaning It is a basic principle that extends to the space where the preparation will take place and also to the pastry chef’s processes. As for the outfit, he points out that you have to use an apron, have a dryer on hand and wear suitable shoes to avoid slipping in the kitchen.

Apple blondies, served with a tasty butterscotch sauce.  (Photo: Sandra Elías)

4. The recipe is followed to the letter. “People must understand that baking is like an experiment in chemistry. The best thing is to follow the rules ”, says the cook. “I am discovering my recipes based on trial and error. That is why I tell people that I have already lost so much and wasted ingredients that when I give a recipe I want them to follow it exactly ”, he says. Also, remember that this also applies to the molds or containers necessary for cooking.

5. It is necessary to have the appropriate utensils for the preparations. Sandra recommends that in the kit basic a spatula, a good knife, a rolling pin, a wire whisk, and measuring cups and spoons are available. If you are one of those who seeks greater accuracy, you can bet on a scale.

6. Practice makes a master. It is really important that when you want to master a recipe, you not only have to follow it to the letter but you probably have to prepare it more than once. Do not be discouraged if something does not come out the first time, but rather review the processes and find what can be improved.

7. The ingredients should be kept at room temperature, unless the recipe specifically states otherwise. In general, when a preparation includes eggs, milk, butter or any ingredient that can be kept in the refrigerator, it is necessary to remove it from the cold beforehand so that its temperature is adequate.

In his latest book he also teaches how to prepare pastry cream, a basic for many recipes.  (Photo: Sandra Elías)

8. The “mise en place” will be your best friend when preparing a recipe. Many times we do not have to deal only with the preparation itself, but also with the fact of following the recipe and this can get complicated when we forget an ingredient. For this reason, Plevisani recommends that a previous and important step is to have all the ingredients previously measured and available to the cook (this is known as “mise en place”, a French term).

9. For the preparations in the oven, it is better to work with metal molds because they are better conductors of heat and the preparation will cook evenly. Sandra says that when it comes to desserts that require colapez, she does prefer to work with silicone.

Biscuits.  (Photo: Sandra Elías)

10. The oven should always be preheated. “For your recipe to be successful, you must preheat the oven for 10 minutes because that way the preparation will cook evenly,” he explains. It is also important to remember that the oven should not be put on grill or any other mode. “What happens when they put a cake to gratin or they forget that it is in a different way from the traditional oven, is that it does not cook well, and it can look golden and rich, but it can be raw inside”, says Sandra.


Last year the book was presented “Family cooking with Sandra Plevisani”, where the well-known cook shares easy-to-follow recipes that are shared as a family. It includes recipes for breads such as egg yolks or brioche and savory preparations such as pizza, green pesto sauce, and ricotta and spinach ravioli. In addition to delicious desserts such as granola energy bars, English cake with dried fruits and pecan crunch, among others. You can find it for sale in the Plaza Vea and Vivanda supermarkets.

(Photo: Planet)


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